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  • Sketching the End-to-End Talent & Development Backbone

    If your CFO reported last quarter's results in dollars, this quarter's results expressed in how many boxes of product had left the factory, and next quarter's using the number of chocolate bars employees had consumed, you would soon be looking for a new CFO…

  • Manage your own development, right now!

    Chances are, even if you really love your current job, that you want to develop your career. You would like more responsibility, more opportunity - even if you still want to be flying the plane, or closing the deal, or writing the code...

  • Make or break for high achievers

    Here's a thought, prompted by a conversation with colleagues this week, for your personal development folder...

  • In the future, you will manage your own career (and so will everyone else)

    I wrote a few months back about the problems with most programmes for identifying high-potential employees...

  • It's not what it seems

    Just spent a day working in Tableau, looking at our some of our aggregated Birkman data...

  • Picking up lost threads

    I remember reading a crime novel years ago about an antiques dealer who had an incredibly slow vintage car. At the climax of the plot, just when being able to travel somewhere above 7 mph would have been really useful, the female interest of the story elbows him out of the way, takes the wheel and - with a flick of the dashboard lever - sets the car racing down the road at 40mph. Yes: the car has gears; its owner had just failed to recognise their existence.

  • How do young people become work and future ready?

    A couple of weeks back I attended a Problem Based Learning (PBL) event hosted by Republic Polytechnic, here in Singapore. I’m a great fan of variety (Green Needs - to the Birkman savvy!) and this 3-day symposium provided plenty!

  • Searching for Predictive Talent Analytics? Already can...

    Sometimes it pays to look at the obvious. 

  • Don't pigeonhole people: change lives

    If anyone had told me, even at the beginning of 2000 when we first registered Elaura as a company...

  • L&D needs a platform, not another programme

    Talking with leaders of HR, OD, Talent and L&D for large, MNC organisations operating in Asia, I hear two consistent themes.

  • One thing your Clients really don't want you to even think

    I was reading an interesting review of organisational design for HR organisations yesterday, but stumbled when I saw that deadliest of phrases:

  • Check your blind spots!

    I’ve told this story before, but it is apposite. In his early 80s, my father (who went on until just past his 98th birthday), started to develop holes in his retinas (macular degeneration). 

  • The future, not to mention the present, still needs people

    Was just reading an interesting piece on how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to impact businesses over the next 4 years...

  • Hungry HiPos

    For most of the past 17 years, I have had clients asking for help selecting candidates for their High Potential programme...