The question of what drives you is never a trivial one.

Why? Because, realistically, it’s not just a question of what you care about, or what you enjoy, but also, more fundamentally, how you approach your life and everything you do.

In the short term you may be able to ‘force’ yourself to care about something else, but long term: time will tell.

You see, we are not made all the same. We are intrinsically unique - even if we share elements of similarity with different people - and if you deny the things that make you who you are, you’re going to end up nowhere fast.

Simply put: it is unsustainable to ignore your internal motivators.

So… what drives you?

If you’ve already had a look at your results - read through your In-Depth Report, or taken part in a group discussion or workshop - you should already be able to answer this question using your high Area of Interest scores.

Without looking at the descriptions on the expresso platform or reference sheets, write yourself a summary, describing the areas you are most motivated in, the kinds of activities that allow you to engage those motivations, and how those motivations may interact together in certain areas or activities in your life.

Keep this summary to hand - whether as a note on your phone, a bookmarked page in your notebook, or a post-it on your noticeboard. Remind yourself regularly what is driving you and ask yourself how you can bring more of this into your work, and add ever greater value to what you do.

If you feel you can’t write a summary of your motivations without rereading the descriptions on the platform, go ahead and take a look, but remember: you should be internalising this information - not just copying it down!

After all, we do all know what we’re motivated by - even if it’s hidden under years of just doing what we had to.