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Make sense of people

With The Birkman Method® (TBM)

Stop guessing, start understanding. TBM from Elaura.

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* Best tool to understand people (including yourself).

^ Best partner for learning & deploying TBM at scale.

Choose Effective People

The world is full of great and talented people, but spotting which ones actually fit your mission deserves some support from objective data. Use TBM (The Birkman Method) to identify talent and reduce failed hires.

Grow Self-Aware Leaders

Successful organisations don’t just have leaders, they are a leadership pipeline. Use TBM (The Birkman Method) to grow leaders who deliver results though empowered people - and who won’t derail themselves.

Build an Enterprise that Delivers

Get the organisation in shape to deliver the mission, across markets, cultures and languages. Use TBM (The Birkman Method) to identify gaps and blind spots, solve structural and behavioural issues, and grow revenue.

TBM Reports

Deploy the TBM Questionnaire and Reports, with debriefs, workshops and practical interventions to help individuals and teams achieve sustainable change.

Elaura TBM-Powered Products

Specialised platforms and products which use TBM Data to deliver recruitment, OD analytics and effective employee development - all at scale.

Learning Products to Power your Development

Official Birkman Signature Certification to train your People team to use Birkman, plus ongoing Training and Application-specific content for every audience.

Why TBM?

The Birkman Method combines depth of individual insight with the ability to make sense of very large groups of people, and does so better than other leading tools can do either of those tasks.

The consistent message we have heard from our clients over more than two decades is that you can put all your weight on the insights coming from TBM, and they won’t let you down. Compare that with other tools; people tell us “I really like [such-and-such assessment] but it doesn’t prevent us having some nasty surprises where people are concerned…”

At the most fundamental level, Birkman gives you a reading of who a person most truly is, and expresses that in wholly positive terms. So it is never about good people / bad people, it is about who people are, what will work for them and where they will be able to deliver sustainable performance.

Other tools classify against theories of leadership or behaviour; TBM provides genuine understanding of people as individuals and how they show up in their relationships, their teams and larger groupings. And that gives you the hard-edged data necessary to predict performance and manage your people, effectively.

It's like we say: stop guessing and start understanding, with TBM.

"Oh my goodness, this is it! The company gave me a coach 18 months ago, and I have been working with them trying to get to the bottom of why I keep derailing myself in this area. But you have just described exactly the problem and why it happens; and I can now see the solution!"

Senior Manager, Global HR Team, Payments Platform

Why Elaura?

Elaura has specialised in TBM for over two decades. In that time we have built a reputation for bringing transformational insight to leaders, teams and organisations.

Our client list includes Global Payments Platforms, FMCG category leaders, Banks, Government Departments and Technology Companies. Via our hoozyu project to help young people, we have also worked with Schools, Universities and Colleges as well as Youth Training Organisations.

In fact, it is every conversation which matters to us: the insights that change a life are just as important to the hourly-waged worker as they are to the CEO or the VP for Marketing. But yes, we have worked hard on our skills, to ensure that all our clients get the maximum benefit from their investment of time and money.

As well as our own team, we also train and support a far-reaching network of Birkman Certified Professionals (BCPs), currently stretching from Ireland, Sweden and the UK, all the way to Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Running Certification Training and presenting content for regular BCP Meet-ups for the network helps us keep sharp and up to date.

"In my nineteen years with the Company, I have done all kinds of profiles and team performance management exercises. These guys and Birkman are by far the best."

GM of major Asian Market for global FMCG player

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What does a Credible Organisational Assessment look like?

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Make sense of people

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Forget Assessment: Try Self-Awareness

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