Our capabilities cover the full range of talent analytics, leadership and organisational development, coaching, facilitation, recruitment selection and consultancy services.

We are also Birkman International Learning Partners, providing in-house and public Certification Training. Our products and services include everything you need to build the mission-capable organisation, and to equip your people to take responsibility for their own development.

Birkman-Powered Products and Services

Birkman Signature

Flagship Personal Development Report, ideal for coaching conversations.

Birkman Perspectives

Premium upgade from Signature, mission-critical insight for leaders.


Self-service personal and team development, for fast and wide deployment in large-scale organisations.


Self-service platform for projects involving young people around education, youth-work and social programmes.


Entry-level product offering Birkman insight at a very competitive price.


Organisational Mapping, Performance Diagnostics and Talent Analytics that deliver actionable operational insights.

Signature Certification

Become a Birkman Certified Professional with our highly-interactive 3+ day Signature Certification Programme (ICF-accredited).


The Elaura Team are specialists in delivery and application of The Birkman Method® (TBM). With 20 years experience in TBM we serve clients in Asia, Europe and beyond.

To find out more contact sales@elaura.com.

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