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The Birkman Signature Suite
for Coaching and Development

Immediately actionable insight for individuals and teams

The Birkman Signature Report equips individuals and teams to build self-awareness and self-management, and to navigate inter-personal differences with objectivity and understanding in order to achieve enhanced group performance.

From the individual perspective, key outcomes include:


  • what motivates and keeps me engaged; 

  • how I see myself in comparison to others;

  • underlying truths about myself that I may be unaware of; 

  • why I react the way I do, and how I can manage that;

  • where I show up in the overall organisational ‘radar’.

For teams, and their leaders, additional outcomes are:


  • identifying potential areas of strength, over-played strength, weakness and blindspots;

  • identifying key resources within the group who may have perspectives that fill gaps;

  • diagnosing issues around communication, problem-solving and performance;

  • spotting underused talent;

  • more accurate succession planning; and

  • much more.

Excerpt of a page from a Signature Report

The addition of Elaura’s DeepView analytics gives access to further data - which can, for example, address hidden issues slowing progress on digitisation, or underperformance on sales or customer satisfaction.

What's the process?

Typically, individuals complete the Birkman Questionnaire and are then given a one-on-one debrief (group debrief also possible). Team workshops and interactions would normally follow, with briefings for leaders coming once the data is validated by the individuals themselves and the team as a whole. This is only an outline; actual delivery can be tailored to the organisation’s exact requirements.

Who is going to deliver this for me?

A BCP (Birkman Certified Professional) is required to give individual debriefs and to oversee / facilitate group workshops. Internal and/or external.

What Birkman Data is included in Birkman Signature?

This chart shows you which sections of the Birkman Data are available as part of Birkman Signature.

The data within the dotted purple outline (The Map, Components, Interests and 18 Career Families) are all part of the standard Signature Report.

Org Focus, Image Management, Work Styles and the additional Career Families are available as part of Signature, but may incur additional cost. Career Titles and the Mindset scores are not available as part of Signature.

A chart showing which Birkman data is available as part of Birkman Signature

"Overwhelmingly good feedback from the whole team following our session with you last week. Thank you all your attention to detail and preparation. It was clear that you knew the scores and characteristics of all in the room and how to use those to draw out the lessons."

Head of Technical Function, FMCG

"Just wanted to say that we all found the Birkman session to be so valuable that we’re going to roll it out across the [large internal] organization;  we’re going to have a half day session after our offsite meeting in October. I think it is a lovely investment in our people as well as provides a common language for our teams.  So, thank you for involving us."

Head of Comms, Fintech (having sat in on a workshop for another function)

Image of a Signature Report

Signature Report

Image of a Signature Summary + Coaching Page

Signature Summary & Coaching Page

Image of document: What does DeepView add to Signature for Coaching & Development

What does DeepView add to Signature Coaching?

Whether you are looking at running TBM across your entire enterprise, helping some senior executives, or ‘fixing’ a key team’s performance issues - we have solutions to help you get there.

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