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expresso™ Self-Service Platform for Employee Development at Scale

Make every employee a talent development specialist

expresso is designed to make effective Employee Development scaleable in even the largest organisation. Because it uses the same TBM Dataset behind Signature, it also provides a seamless progression between levels in the Organisation, where (for example) existing expresso users can be upgraded to Signature in preparation for promotion once they reach a certain level.

Illustration of two people sat at a communal desk, one has their back to us and on their screen we can see the expresso platform

Straight out of the box, expresso offers individual employees insights into:


  • staying motivated and engaged;

  • the kinds of tasks that will attract them;

  • basic styles of behaviour (Usual, Needs and Stress);

  • application to Communication, Problem-Solving etc;

  • matches to Career Families and Career Titles; and so on


The platform includes a variety of interpretative content, as well as downloadable handouts and worksheets.

expresso also includes Working Together.

The Working Together Programme takes application to a deeper level with content which can be used individually or in group contexts, with or without a facilitator. The programme includes a Digital Workbook (print copies available on request). Topics include:


  • how to cope with change;

  • how to manage stress;

  • how to find your true point of engagement;

  • getting from A to B as a team;

  • understanding your own perspectives; and

  • taking responsibility for your own learning and development

expresso can be used on an ad hoc basis for small groups of employees, but far more effective to use Elaura’s Client Portal to manage deployment across the enterprise. This adds functionality, including the ability to run individual and group reports centrally, rather just from individual user accounts.

What's the process?

Employees are sent a link which allows them to set up their expresso account, or access via a company domain-specific signup page. When first accessed, all they can see is a link to complete the Birkman Questionnaire.


Immediately upon completion of the questionnaire, their results are loaded and the account is populated with interactive content, they will also receive a link to access the Working Together Programme on the Elaura learning platform.

Screenshot of expresso Working Together - Lesson 1 on the Elaura Learning Platform

Who is going to deliver this for me?

BCP (Birkman Certified Professional) NOT required.


expresso is designed to be viable as an entirely self-service / self-directed learning platform, at the individual level; and a conversation guide is available to brief managers and team leaders on simple facilitation principles.


If you use the Client Portal (which allows the organisation to manage its own accounts, run individual and group reports etc.) it is a requirement that anyone accessing the Portal completes additional online training; we highly recommend that anyone doing substantial facilitation work using expresso should also complete the additional training. This requirement / advice applies even to existing BCPs. Facilitators can be internal or external.

What Birkman Data is included in expresso?

This chart shows you which sections of the Birkman Data are available as part of expresso.

The data within the dotted purple outline (The Map, Org Focus, Interests and all the Careers Data) are available within the expresso Platform and reports.

The data outside the dotted outline (Components, Image Management and the other Mindset scores, and Work Styles) are not available as part of expresso.

A chart showing which Birkman data is available as part of expresso

"This really defined particular aspects of myself - particularly needs and interests which don’t really come out in other profiles. I liked learning also about organisational focus which has helped to prioritise my interest. The Explain Yourself form has given me a succinct exploration (or ‘explanation’?) which will be really useful. Thank you!!"

Director of Talent, Culture and Engagement, Asia

"expresso is so good!! It is easy to understand and explains a lot of things that any working professional needs to know. The graphics are also excellently done. Really love it."

Professional, Singapore

"Am in the process of re-reading my report on the platform - which immediately is easy to skim and yet invites deeper re-reading too. I remember being surprised about my usual behaviours, needs and stressors all sitting in the blue, and yet all the descriptors around behaviours and career interests ring very true."

Head of Talent, New Zealand

Looking for greater depth and detail in your behavioural insights?

Preview the expresso platform

Image of expresso Working Together Brochure
Illustration showing an excerpt of the expresso Grid Reference Sheet

Ideas for better group sessions using expresso

Illustration of a mind-map

5 practical activities to engage your expresso data

Illustration of the expresso Grid

On the Grid: Map Reading


Looking for employee development you can role out at scale? Talk to us about expresso

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