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DeepView™ TBM Data Analytics

Scalable views of your organisational data, from the individual all the way to the enterprise

For over twenty years, Elaura has been building tools that use TBM Data to help organisations understand their people and their performance. Since 2007 that effort has shifted away from custom programming apps and onto Tableau®, the best-in-class data visualisation tool.

The beauty of data visualisation is that it allows you to ask the data any question you like; with a dataset comprising around 300 data points per individual, there is very little that falls outside the scope of TBM Data. You can ask the data questions concerning individuals, teams or the whole org.

For example, look at a sales team (or production or logistics or whatever), and analyse using related role matches. By identifying on which scales the outliers most closely relate to actual performance (+ve or -ve), you have just identified the scales most predictive of performance success in your business.

What's the process?

We need to talk, so that we can understand what you want to achieve. Typically we will then design a pilot data collection exercise so that you can quickly see meaningful results; from then on it is an iterative process of data collection and presenting results.

Who is going to deliver this for me?

Elaura has the experience with TBM Data and with Tableau to produce the workbooks you need; if you are making use of the full TBM Dataset (i.e. including Components) then you either need us or our associates to help you interpret the workbook results, or your own internal BCPs (Birkman Certified Professionals).

What Birkman Data is included in DeepView?

This chart shows you which sections of the Birkman Data are available as part of DeepView.

The data within the dotted purple outline (The Map, Org Focus, Components, Interests, Careers Data and Work Styles) can all be used as part of a DeepView solution.

The 6 Mindset scores are not currently available as part of DeepView.

A chart showing which Birkman data is available as part of DeepView

Case Study

The Right People In the Wrong Seats

We were called in to work with a Financial Services CIS team where the relatively new CIO was under pressure because his team wasn't delivering. What we quickly identified was that only the CIO and his deputy had any significant match for Technical Project Management (which is 95% of what the CIS leadership team role was - sourcing and project managing the deployment of new systems). The other 8 members of the senior IT team - all long-term employees of the firm who the new CIO had “inherited” - had pretty low or very low matches for Technical PM, but had clearly been rewarded for their long service in areas they did match - for example, a lot of them had high matches for Database Sysadmin or Technical Trainer and so on. The problem which the data highlighted was ultimately about using promotion as a reward, rather than as a way of getting the right people into the right seats. 

Graph showing similarity of a CIS team to the sample group 'Technology Project Managers'

DeepView is an industrial grade solution for using data to solve real-world problems. You can start much more simply, with the Group Reporting functions of any of our Reporting Packages - Signature, expresso and Snapshot+

Image of document: DeepView - Understanding Outliers

DeepView Application: Understanding Outliers

Image of document: DeepView - Averages Tell Lies

DeepView Application: Averages Tell Lies

Image of document: DeepView - Navigating Blind Spots

DeepView Application: Navigating Blind Spots

Contact us to start the conversation and tell us what questions you would like to ask TBM data.

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