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Snapshot+™ for Recruitment Selection at Scale

When fit, engagement, performance and sustainability are the key recruitment drivers

When the critical issues are finding people who actually fit the role, will stay energised and be able to perform like the best people in this role, then Snapshot+ can offer a more cost-effective and appropriate option than the ‘full’ Signature Report. This is especially so when you are operating at scale (e.g. hiring for multiple openings in the same role, and/or hiring for the same roles every month, etc). Snapshot+ gives you:

  • what motivates and keeps an individual engaged; 

  • a broad overview of how they work with others;

  • how they show up in the organisation as a whole, for example, are they all about execution or all about innovation, or something else;

  • how much they resemble people who are successful and satisfied in the same or similar roles; 

  • how they may react in which circumstances, and how they - and you - can manage that.

Because Snapshot+ runs in Tableau, it can be configured to produce individual reports and/or group spreadsheets highlighting best matches; whatever is going to streamline the process of arriving at the right hires in your specific situation.

What's the process?

We can discuss your requirements before recruitment begins, but essentially we send questionnaires to candidates as you request, and send you their Snapshot+ report when they complete, usually by a deadline you set (so that we can run all the candidates in that tranche as one report set).


We can also help you develop a cover note to send to the candidates before they receive the Questionnaire.

Who is going to deliver this for me?

A BCP (Birkman Certified Professional) is NOT required to interpret the data. We will discuss desirable scoring patterns when we set up Snapshot+ for your specific hires; we are always available to hand-hold in the early stages, but normally find that client Talent / HR people are very quickly able to interpret results.

What Birkman Data is included in Snapshot+?

This chart shows you which sections of the Birkman Data are available as part of Snapshot+.

The data within the dotted purple outline (The Map, Org Focus, Interests and all 22 Career Families) are all part of the standard Snapshot+ Report.

The data outside the dotted outline (Components, Career Titles, Image Management and the other Mindset scores, and Work Styles) are not available as part of Snapshot+.

A chart showing which Birkman data is available as part of Snapshot+

"Wow, this is awesome! It looks great!"

Partner in two software houses which had already been using the previous version of Snapshot for recruitment, on seeing the new Tableau-based version for the first time.

Need more in-depth insight into behaviour and perception? Look at Signature for Recruitment:

How does Elaura’s TBM Snapshot+ Report support you when the recruitment is done? Individual and organisational development:

Image of document: Snapshot+ Sample Report

Snapshot+ Report

Image of document: Snapshot+ Quick Access Guide - Recruitment Selection

Quick Access Guide: Recruitment Selection

Image of document: Product Comparison - Team Selection

Product Comparison: Team Selection

Want to explore your options to employ Elaura’s TBM Snapshot+ Reports in your next recruitment exercise?

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