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Birkman Signature Certification

Become a Birkman Certified Professional (BCP) to deploy and support the use of TBM Signature in your organisation or with your clients.

Official Birkman Certification is the starting point for your journey to TBM Mastery. While we have some report formats which exclude the Birkman Components (and therefore don’t require you to be a BCP in order to use them), becoming a BCP gives you access to using the flagship TBM Signature Report - and gives you the edge in any use of TBM Data.

Official Birkman Certification is a requirement if you want to work with the flagship Signature Report and related individual and team data.


Certification equips you to:


  • deliver competent and confident coaching/interpretation conversations using Signature Report

  • and to analyse group Birkman data with regard to strengths, gaps and potential issues.

BCPs are qualified to open and operate a Birkman Account with Elaura to -


  • send Questionnaires

  • access results

  • run multiple reports

There is no set up or maintenance fee for this account. Questionnaires are charged for per person on their completion and data and reports can be accessed for as long as required.

Our next Virtual Signature Certification is coming up in November, 6th-10th and 13th-17th. Join us for these dates by emailing us at

Certification includes:

  • A Signature Report, 

  • Access to a 30 minute audio guide which introduces the scores in the report

  • An in-depth Birkman Conversation with an experienced BCP.

  • Pre-work which is completed via the Birkman Learning System and is designed to build familiarity with  the Birkman scores and their meaning & application. The learning format is through slides and videos, followed by multiple question knowledge checks. The 8 modules typically take about 5 hours total to complete.

  • Face-to-face (3 days) or Virtual Certification (10 x 2-hour sessions) is designed to consolidate the pre-work, introduce the Birkman framework more fully and explore the implications of the different scores and the interplay between them. Group discussions, practice conversations and reflection activities build understanding and enable exploration of how to apply the scores to different areas of working life. Learning time is 20-24 hours depending on the format.

  • A practice Birkman Conversation with a partner is conducted towards the end of the Face-to-face or Virtual Programme, and constructive feedback towards improvement is provided.

  • Following satisfactory completion of the above, BCP status is awarded and a Birkman Account can be opened (T&C apply)

Participants who are completing ICF (International Coaching Federation) accreditation are awarded credits for completing Signature Certification. 

What's the process?

On receipt of payment for the programme, we'll be in touch to walk you through your next steps:

  • we'll send you a copy of your existing Birkman Signature Report plus audio guide (or a link to the Birkman Questionnaire if you haven’t yet completed) in preparation for your 1-hour coaching session with one of our facilitators;

  • set you up with access to the online Learning system so that you can complete the pre-work modules of the Certification Programme;

  • and you'll receive zoom links to the online sessions (Virtual Certification) or confirmation of venue (Face to Face Certification)


For Virtual sessions, we will also send you a copy of the Certification Manual and any other materials required (materials for Face to Face sessions are handed out at start of session).

Who is going to deliver this for me?

Elaura is a Birkman International Authorised Trainer, able to deliver Signature Certification outside the USA.


Our Virtual Certification sessions cover English-language Certification for time-zones from Ireland and the UK, through to Japan, NZ and the Western Pacific. In-person and In-House Certification options are also available.


(NB Other Authorised Trainers operate in the Netherlands, Gulf, DACH (German speaking) Countries and South Korea - their contact details can be found at

Training with Elaura

The majority of people who complete Signature Certification are Coaching, HR, Talent, OD and L&D professionals. Some work as internal Birkman Certified Professionals for their organisations, some work as independent BCPs.


Elaura is regarded as a trusted and expert provider of Signature Certification. Our facilitators each have 20+ years experience of using TBM in multiple industries and contexts. Elaura also provides Train the Trainer programmes for organisations who train their own internal BCPs.

Ratings from the last 4 Sig Cert programmes averaged over 6.6 out of 7 on both the effectiveness of providing understanding of the Birkman data and for likelihood of recommending the Certification to other people professionals.

"I really enjoyed the training. The facilitators were great, making it so easy to get to grips with a complex instrument and keeping us on our toes. Thank you so much."

Virtual Certification Participant

"Great experience and I feel prepared"

Virtual Certification Participant

"The coaches are such an inspiration! They really do the coaching excellently and are so helpful and responsive and don't miss a single question/detail."

Virtual Certification Participant

Birkman Signature Certification equips you to use and interpret Signature Reports for use in coaching and personal / professional / organisational development, and as a tool in recruitment:

Image of document: Virtual Signature Certification from Elaura

Signature Certification from Elaura

Image of document: John Public Signature + Summary

Signature Report

Image of document: Signature Summary & Coaching Page

Signature Summary + Coaching Page

To register a seat on Signature Certification or to make an enquiry please email

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