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The Birkman Signature Suite
for Recruitment

In-depth understanding of the individual & their future performance in role

The Birkman Signature Report, and especially some of the summary reports available which put relevant data on a single page, gives you instant access to selection-critical insights around:

  • what motivates and keeps an individual engaged; 

  • how they work with others (manager, peers, direct reports, wider organisation);

  • how they balance issues like speed of decision versus depth of processing, risk-taking versus risk-management, established process versus situational opportunity and so on; and

  • how they show up in the organisation as a whole, for example all about execution or all about innovation, or something else;

  • how they may react in which circumstances, and how they - and you - can manage that.

Excerpt of a Signature Summary Page

With the optional addition of careers data available via Elaura’s DeepView TBM Data product, you also have predictive information on likely success and satisfaction in role. (This data is statistically derived and based on the similarity of their answering patterns to those of a robust reference group with known success and satisfaction in each role.)

What's the process?

Typically TBM Questionnaire is deployed for short-listed candidates, i.e. who have already made it through screening, CV validation and possibly first round interviews. Candidates are not given results unless there is intention to discuss results with them as part of the interview process.


The whole interview panel can be briefed on results and primed with critical questions to ask; more usually a BCP sits on the panel, or briefs one panel member to ensure that the right questions are asked. Post interview, it is important that time is given to reviewing candidate answers in respect of the potential issues highlighted by the TBM results. TBM may not be used as sole criteria in selection; it is used to get below the presentation layer and tell you what the candidate might struggle to express even if they were willing. Once selection is made, at least the successful candidate(s) should be given a debrief; optionally this can be offered to unsuccessful candidates too.

Who is going to deliver this for me?

A BCP (Birkman Certified Professional) is required to give individual debriefs and to oversee / facilitate group workshops. Internal and/or external.

Is Signature the best option for your Recruitment needs?

Image of document: Product Comparison - Team Selection

What Birkman Data is included in Birkman Signature?

This chart shows you which sections of the Birkman Data are available as part of Birkman Signature.

The data within the dotted purple outline (The Map, Components, Interests and 18 Career Families) are all part of the standard Signature Report.

Org Focus, Image Management, Work Styles and the additional Career Families are available as part of Signature, but may incur additional cost. Career Titles and the Mindset scores are not available as part of Signature.

A chart showing which Birkman data is available as part of Birkman Signature

Case Studies

Advice Ignored is the best Validation

The CEO of a consulting client wished to appoint someone, whose brother they knew well, to the firm’s most senior role in Asia Pacific. The role required travel at least 20 days out of 30. TBM data suggested this individual was much more comfortable solving problems in solitude, and that extensive travel would not be sustainable. We advised the client that they had to ask the candidate to tell them about a time they had travelled even 25% of the time. Their answer: “I hate travel!” While the CEO heard this reply, they insisted the person would do fine in the role and appointed them.


We received a rather angry phone call two months later. “How did you know? He has cancelled two trips already, and I have major clients screaming down the phone at me…” To which the answer was, “well you heard what he said about travel; we just told you that you needed to ask that question.”

Don’t ask a Lion Tamer to Herd Cats

A substantial recruitment effort for a COO produced a (not very) short list of 6 candidates. Five looked like a poor fit from the TBM data, and the gaps were very evident at interview, too. One was fabulous: a dream candidate, extensive management experience in a different but not unrelated field, with a very wide span of control. 


The only fly in the ointment was that this dream candidate was very directive - to a fault. This was a perfect fit in her current role. Unfortunately the assignment here was to lead a building full of knowledge specialists; genuine domain experts with lots of (highly valuable) experience and opinions and a very low tolerance for being told what to do: suggestion and subtle nudges rather than directives were the order of the day.


“So if you proposed a plan of action and got push-back from the team, how would you handle that?” “Oh that’s easy,” she said. “When push comes to shove, it is my way or the highway.” The panel looked at each other, as they visualised at least half the organisation walking out the door. And renewed the search (this time succeeding).

How does Birkman Signature support you when the recruitment is done? Onboarding, individual and organisational development - and more:

Image of Signature Summary + Coaching Page

Signature Summary & Coaching Page

Image of Advanced Summary Sample Report

Advanced Summary

Image of document: What does DeepView add to Signature for Recruitment

What does DeepView add in recruitment analysis?

Want to explore your options to employ TBM Signature and Elaura DeepView in your next recruitment exercise? Set up a call with us, and let's talk.

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