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Snapshot+™ for Employee Engagement at Scale

Entry-level report with motivational, role fit and behavioural insights

When you need to give everyone in the organisation some developmental input, and do it on a budget, but still want it to drive outcomes and performance, Snapshot+ from Elaura is your go-to solution. The Snapshot+ report gives each participant a guide to:

  • what motivates and keeps them engaged; 

  • an overview of how they work with others;

  • how they show up in the organisation as a whole, for example all about execution or all about innovation, or something else;

  • the kinds of broad roles they are likely to fit best;

  • how they may react in which circumstances, and how they can manage that.

They also get access to an online guide which helps them make sense of the Snapshot+ Report. We also supply a guide for team leaders that outlines simple ways to use the team’s Snapshot+ Reports to build team awareness and performance.

What's the process?

We start with an initial information phase, where employees are briefed on what is coming and why - we can provide you with a suggested form of words to top and tail. Unless the total cohort is small, we typically send Questionnaires to employees in tranches, which makes it easier for you to check people have received and are completing.


We run the reports on the deadline you have set for each tranche, but will update you before that point so you can chase stragglers. We then send you the reports to distribute, and from there the process depends on what has been agreed, in terms of any workshops etc.

Who is going to deliver this for me?

A BCP (Birkman Certified Professional) is NOT required to interpret the data; Snapshot+ is designed as a self-service product. You can of course request additional help if required, or if you are working on specific outcomes.

If you are interested to run workshops using the Snapshot+ data we can provide a BCP to run the session, or materials and support to help you do this.

What Birkman Data is included in Snapshot+?

This chart shows you which sections of the Birkman Data are available as part of Snapshot+.

The data within the dotted purple outline (The Map, Org Focus, Interests and all 22 Career Families) are all part of the standard Snapshot+ Report.

The data outside the dotted outline (Components, Career Titles, Image Management and the other Mindset scores, and Work Styles) are not available as part of Snapshot+.

A chart showing which Birkman data is available as part of Snapshot+

"It went really well!"

CPO of fast growing consulting business after facilitating a Snapshot+ session at the company off-site - with no prior experience!

"The workshop was very successful, they loved the Snapshot+ Report and it blended very well with the rest of the day - the focus was goal setting  and tracking progress."

CEO of UK Training Company after running Snapshot+ workshop for a client in the Gulf

Need deeper interpersonal insight and team performance diagnostics?

If you have run Snapshot+ out across the organisation, you are going to want to use it to hire new employees, too:

Image of document: Elaura Snapshot+ Sample Report

Snapshot+ Report

Image of document: Snapshot+ Quick Access Guide - Engagement and Retention

Quick Access Guide: Engagement & Retention

Image of document: DeepView - Understanding Outliers

Snapshot+ with DeepView: Understanding Outliers

Want to explore your options to employ Elaura’s TBM Snapshot+ for Employee Engagement at Scale?

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