Picture for a moment the people you work with. People you share an office with; people within your team, working on the same projects as you… Technically you share the same context, right? You sit in the same room, you breathe the same air, you are (presumably) working towards the same end (i.e. success for the company)…

But is it really that simple?

As you go through your expresso (or Birkman) results, think about your unique context. That covers the role you fill within your team or function, but also who you are beyond that: outside of work; at home; your interests, hobbies, and personal projects…

Out in the world, there may be a clear divide between your work life and home life, but on the inside there’s likely to be a lot more overlap. Each context informs your interaction with the other, and the likelihood is that you draw inspiration, motivation and - unfortunately - irritation & stress, from the parallel worlds you inhabit.

You can’t neatly separate the different parts within you - just picture trying to cut a liquid down the middle - the sides spill instantly back together!

Even if you’re doing expresso within the context of your ‘work world’, the you that your data refers to inhabits both your work life and home life.

Understanding and managing yourself, your motivations, and your needs & reactions has the potential to empower you, not only in your role at work, but also in all other areas of your life.

So as you reflect on the data ask yourself this: can you see how you might apply this self knowledge to your life as a whole?