Yes, we do have a secret family recipe for delicious fat-free, dairy-free, no-egg pancakes, but no, that isn’t the stack I am talking about today. We have been working hard at Elaura HQ, getting a host of new Birkman Method (TBM)-based products ready for action, and they are all live, as of this week.

If you are looking to extend the benefits you have been enjoying to colleagues and family, or want to apply TBM in your organisation, there are now options for every occasion, and every budget.

Feel free to drizzle a little celebratory maple syrup…

The Stack

We have listed the profile products in descending order of price, followed by our Analytics and Training services.

  • Signature: The Flagship TBM Report
  • Perspectives: Premium Signature Upgrade
  • expresso: Self-service Development platform for large organisations
  • hoozyu: TBM platform for Education and Youth Services
  • Snapshot: entry-level TBM report for individuals and large-scale data collection
  • DeepView: TBM Talent Analytics and Organisational Mapping
  • Signature Certification: Qualify as a Birkman Professional (ICF-accredited training)


The new TBM Flagship Report, we think this is one of the best things Birkman International has produced in a long time. Our users agree; compared to Preview and the Birkman Advanced series, Signature looks better, is more accessible and enables a much faster transition from insight to application.

What we have done is:

  • make it possible to order Signature online as a stand-alone product, with or without a Coaching Conversation;
  • recorded 30+ minutes of audio interpretative material that walks users through their report;
  • and for online purchasers, we are also adding a valuable email from one of our Birkman Professionals, highlighting the top three issues the respondent might want to tackle with a Coach, (whether one of the Elaura team or someone else).

Find Signature here.


If Signature is the flagship, Perspectives is the Platinum upgrade. Six wholly new scores, derived from your answering patterns in the Questionnaire and shedding priceless light on how you see yourself, others and all manner of organisational situations.

Perspectives is available as an upgrade (not available for Birkman IDs beginning with an ‘A’ or ‘B’) - you can find out more here.


Our expresso Platform, aimed at ‘fast and wide’, ‘self-service’ deployment in large business organisations has been available since late last year - so what’s new?

The expresso Video Workshop. Available in two flavours:

  • Working Together (a general team / cross-functional working workshop); and
  • Get Ready for Change (aimed at organisations preparing to embark on an SAP System Implementation).

Both are designed for group facilitation, using in-house or external facilitators - who do not need to be Birkman Certified (although if they are, so much the better); or for self-paced learning by individuals.

For each version, there is a package comprising:

  • around 45 minutes of Video Material, comprising explanatory material and individual and group exercises;
  • an “everything you need to know to run straight out of the box” facilitator guide;
  • a printed workbook for each named user (which doubles as the per seat licence);
  • a self-study guide for those who want to use for personal development, or who want to explore deeper after a group session.

You can find expresso here but if you have an enquiry regarding the Video Workshop packages, please contact us at


There’s nothing new about hoozyu, except the wealth of Blog posts and other material you can access from the platform (and from now until Sept 15th 2017, a great offer on upgrading to Signature).

Designed with young people in mind, whether in education or on their way into the marketplace, hoozyu also has some very dedicated older fans in the not-for-profit Sector. Getting hoozyu into the hands of as many young people as possible around the world remains a central plank of Elaura’s mission.

We actively encourage those working with young people to build mentoring and facilitation skills using hoozyu - look for the online training programme and the hoozyu book, both of which can be purchased via the Training and Workshop Resources guide on the “Working with Young People” tab on the hoozyu site.

You can find hoozyu here!


Working with a wide range of people in education and business organisations in India and elsewhere, we have been hearing a consistent story: “we love Birkman, but we need something that retails at USD30” (or “under INR2000” in India).

Snapshot is that product. An entry-level product presenting Areas of Interest and the Birkman Grid in great detail, with an online interpretative guide and available for purchase online, Snapshot is simple - but powerful. In fact, 95% of the large corporate workshops we have ever conducted used exactly these two report sections.

But there is more: the Snapshot Report is available in 9 languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, French x 2, German, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and LATAM Spanish). That means it is a very powerful tool if you want to collect Birkman data quickly and inexpensively across a very large, globally distributed organisation; while also ensuring that all participants get something of personal value.

You can find out about Snapshot here but if you are interested in large scale data collection, contact us here.


For many years now we have been supplying organisational clients with a range of data visualisations and analytics. DeepView simply gives us a brand to pull all of this together. DeepView services can range from a simple slide deck, summarising key findings, to deployment of your data for you to interact with, in-house via Tableau Online.

To find out more about the power of DeepView, contact us here.

Signature Certification

Birkman’s new Director of Training, Dan Perryman, is responsible for the biggest and most significant change ever, in how new Birkman Professionals are trained.

All the ‘content-learning’ is now ‘front-ended’ via 8 online modules which have to be completed (and all tests passed), no later than the week before the training session. That means the three day workshop is now around 75% application and 25% reinforcing of learning. The point is, we now get to focus on modelling and training application: individual coaching, team coaching and organisational analysis techniques. Which is great!

Not surprisingly, with such a strong pedagogical model, ICF (the International Coaching Federation) have been happy to accredit the Signature course; ICF registered coaches can now earn 28 hours of CCE Credits by successfully completing the Signature Certification Programme.

As I write, we have our next Signature session scheduled for November; you can find out more, and book your place online, by going to Please note: bookings close 4 weeks before training commences, to allow for module completion.

So that’s the new Elaura Stack. Hopefully you can find something there to tempt your tastebuds…