Last week I wrote about the simplest version of the ‘language’ we use across all our Birkman-powered products: the 4 colours

The problem is that, unless you’re using the language on a daily basis, it can be tricky trying to remember what each colour means…

Here’s a couple of simple ‘anchors’ we use, to help you remember!


Blue Sky

Anchor: Blue skies - as in ‘blue sky thinking’

Remember, Blue is all about thinking, creativity, and innovation. It’s the colour associated with strategy and new ideas.

A better picture of the future.


Fire Hydrant

Anchor: Fire engines - as in urgent action

Remember, Red is all about practical, hands-on activity and getting things done. Like a fire crew, the focus is on completing the job as quickly as possible.

Making an impact, right now.


Yellowing Paper

Anchor: Yellowing paper - as in keeping records and past evidence but also Gold - as in value in stability, security and reliability

Remember, Yellow is all about proper order, keeping things organised and running smoothly, and stable processes.

Keeping track, to stay on track.


Green Shoots

Anchor: Spring - as in new life, new potential & possibilities but also Dollar bills - as in selling and deal-making

Remember, Green is all about enthusiastic engagement with other people, motivating and interacting, selling objects, services or ideas.

Seeking and seizing opportunities.

4 colours, 4 different approaches to life and work. You probably relate most to the colour of your Diamond on the Grid (Usual Behaviour), but what does the position of your Circle (Underlying Need) tell you?

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