At Elaura we’ve spent the past 17 years working with leaders and teams from some of the best known companies in the world - and regardless of how diverse our assignments have been, our consistent ‘secret sauce for success’ has been the insights we have derived from one, truly world-class instrument: The Birkman Method (TBM).

Working as we do across the whole of Europe and Asia-Pacific, with its very diverse economies, we have spent a lot of time trying to make this enterprise-class tool more accessible to anyone who wants it, regardless of where they come from.

Now, TBM is a sophisticated tool, with well over 300 data points generated per individual, and many of them requiring expert professional support - which of course, costs money. But the interesting thing is that, at the point at which people are typically saying to us, “this is amazing”, all they have seen (and spent maybe a day exploring) is a small subset of their TBM results. They have received some very specific data about their Motivations, and a big picture summary of their Perceptions. What those two sets of data tell them, gives them critical insight into themselves and their teams.

So we have put together a package which allows you to access exactly this same data, but for just USD29.99 per person. Called Snapshot, it comprises the full TBM Questionnaire, the same two report sections (Areas of Interest and Life Style Grid) that we have been using with client teams all this time, and an online guide which distills key insights in understanding and applying these insights.

Snapshot is available now. If you want to learn more, and experience the power of TBM for yourself, it’s simple - just go to