If you have teens or young adults amongst your family or friends, they can benefit from Birkman too - read on to find out more about hoozyu… or go straight to hoozyu.com

Our expectation is that when you received your expresso, or Birkman Report, you found some useful insights, had a few ‘a-hah!’ moments, and maybe even some big realisations about yourself. Mostly the scores serve to confirm and put in context what we kind of already know, but haven’t had the language or framework to articulate.

I know for myself, that I have been hugely helped by understanding the seeming contradictions that appear in my own scores.

I am creative yet practical, adventurous but often inflexible, I am very low-key and reflective but need a dynamic environment that provides some competition, feedback and variety. My top three motivations are blue, red and green (Artistic, Scientific and Social Service).

…No wonder I was so challenged to settle on what I wanted to do with my life when I was 17 / 18!

I looked at all sorts of options, and then my indecisive stress behaviour kicked in and I swung between not being able to do anything, to changing my mind every few days!

I didn’t do my Birkman until I was 38, but can’t help thinking how much it would have helped me when I was younger… Something that has been a constant lament from many mid-career Birkman users we have worked with, followed by: “Can my teenager do Birkman?” or “My daughter is deciding on higher education courses, would this help her?” or “My son has no idea what he wants to do with his life, can he do this?”.

With four of our own children, this mattered to Jon and I too, so we set about building hoozyu1 (who are you) so young people could access their Birkman data before they were having to make their transition from school to the marketplace. Our priority was to equip them with understanding about themselves.

For us - ‘who am I?’ definitely comes first, way before ‘what should I do?’.

To date thousands of young people have received their Birkman data (Areas of Interest, Grid / Map scores, Organisational Focus and Career Matches) through hoozyu. We have some remarkable stories of the ways young people have responded to what they have learnt about themselves.

Sometimes, mentors, teachers, facilitators, youth leaders, relatives and friends have been there to support them in their hoozyu experience, but other young people have done hoozyu self-service style. Our aim is to make it accessible for all, whatever their economic status.

Here’s a few testimonies from our young hoozyu users:

Now that I am very aware, I have eased my stress behaviour by a huge amount

I’m talking more to my family

I learnt about where my trigger points are

I learnt that different people have different styles

I have learnt how to set goals to the job I want

I am trying to know my friends better so that I can understand their needs and emotion

I have created a mind-map for myself to tell me to stick to the goal I want

It has helped me get to know more people easily

I am more proactive in asking questions I am not sure of, instead of keeping quiet

It helped me open up the door of choices for me

It has helped me focus on my things easily and has even helped me pass my exams

This upgraded hoozyu report is really extensively detailed, deep and beneficial. I’ll dig into it slowly, but the few things that I did look at today, really helped me - especially in the situation I am at right now, finishing class 12.

I’ve really enjoyed using hoozyu, it really makes sense of Birkman and has been really useful through college for myself and my friends, it’s a really good resource. :-)

I was talking with a friend today who is having a quarter life crisis and hates her job but doesn’t know what she wants to do etc etc etc… which made me think about the hoozyu report and how helpful it was, which I just went to re-read, and I wanted to know how long ago I did it, because even now so much of it rings true (but not in a vague-horoscope-y way, in a genuine, specific way!) even though I feel like I am really different to a few years ago!


The greatest satisfaction for us is hearing the positive impact that Birkman data has in people’s lives - from improving their relationships and confidence, to helping them form goals that fit their unique motivations and values. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to get these tools into the hands of adults and young people alike.

If you have teens or young adults in your family, or who you support in some way, you might consider purchasing hoozyu for them. It’s available online at www.hoozyu.com for small scale purchases. If you have a larger number to buy for (10 or more) please contact us at support@hoozyu.com and we will provide a discount.

If you would like to sponsor hoozyu for less advantaged young people, let us know and we can link you up with a suitable group somewhere in the world.

1. hoozyu is delivered via an online interactive platform (very similar to, but pre-dating, expresso). The same Birkman Q is used as for all Birkman powered products and reports. Only suitable for teens and above, providing there is sufficient maturity to engage with the Q and results. No component scores are provided. Elaura provides resources, training and workshop packages to support the use of hoozyu.