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  • How can my hoozyu help me face something new and challenging?

    You face some big changes and challenges as you make the transition from school years to higher education - or into your first job...

  • Where are you getting your energy from?

    If I came up to you right now and asked 'what matters most to you?' how would you answer...

  • Knowing myself better

    Before I knew about my areas of interest, I didn’t know what I found really satisfying and what I didn’t...

  • Skills for your passion

    I recently spoke at an event, at a University here in Singapore, as part of a team of speakers organised by Tableau...

  • Relax: There's going to be plot twists.

    I didn’t know where to go, or how to start becoming any of those things I had imagined myself being...

  • How hoozyu can help you make career decisions

    Here’s three simple ways to use your hoozyu scores when it comes to thinking about your career choices...

  • Exactly the wrong thing

    How is it that people - even the people who are meant to know us really well - sometimes manage to say, or do, exactly the wrong thing...?

  • Blind Spots

    If you know you have a blind spot, you can check it regularly. But if you ignore the possibility, you may find yourself getting into an accident...

  • A matter of perspective

    Areas of Interest scores are primarily about Motivation and passion; but very high and very low scores actually start to leak across into perception as well...

  • What can my hoozyu help me with?

    Over the years many people have done their hoozyu and enjoyed that moment of discovering their results...

  • The value you can create

    One peril is to arrive in the marketplace, thinking that the world owes you a living...

  • Preparing for recruitment

    When you've finished studying, if you don’t yet have a job, and you really need one, something happens...

  • Highs & Lows

    Here's an interesting little exercise for you...

  • Bad days

    We often talk about hoozyu as if it's some kind of cure-all panacea. As if, once you get your results, you'll never feel lost or uncertain again...

  • Promises

    Inspired by an article sent to me a couple of weeks ago, I'd like to talk about promises...

  • Did you enjoy your run?

    My life is busy and I enjoy my work but the last year has felt pretty challenging. I have had to grow into a new work role which includes...

  • Step One is not ‘wait for motivation’

    Earlier in the week I read a blog post by Scott Young about how the first step to achieving any goal is always putting in that first effort to make success possible. For example, he says, if your goal is to get fit then ‘step one’ is actually leaving the house and going to the gym. If your goal is to be a writer, step one is just sitting down and starting to write.

  • Struggling with this ‘motivation’ thing?

    Ask almost anyone and they can probably tell you a tip or trick they use to stay motivated.

  • Tooling Up

    Motivation is all about keeping you engaged and energised, or at least turning up and working hard, right?

  • Learn your own way

    Summer in the Northern hemisphere means 2 things. Firstly, the possibility that the British Isles may actually see a few weeks of sunshine, and secondly, the start of the long holidays for many of our hoozyu users.

  • Making the most of the mid-year milestone

    It hit me rather unexpectedly this week that it is already mid-July.

  • Love what you do

    Let’s look at two, apparently conflicting, thoughts from two giants of business (sadly, neither of whom was ever nominated for the Miss Manners prize for social etiquette):

  • What do you expect?

    If there is one thing that will change the way you relate to others AND which will increase your personal effectiveness, it is learning to identify expectations.

  • How to make a bad situation much worse

    Here at hoozyu we describe Stress Behaviour as a counter-productive attempt to get your Needs met.

    But what does that really mean?

  • Danger: Reactor

    One of the fun things about being human, is discovering that you don’t always know why you do certain things.

  • No Talent Required

    As you may have picked up, hoozyu is about helping people to understand themselves, identify their potential and make great choices as they approach life and career. Talent is a key construct we discuss.

  • If it ain't broke, fix it anyway

    It’s difficult to remember a time when I haven’t been the kind of person who tries to fix everything. I use the term ‘fix’ loosely because when I was younger I would often take things apart and have absolutely no idea how to put them back together. Usually electronic devices like radios and old computers that had stopped working, or would soon stop working as the screwdriver began twisting in my fingers, and plastic casings were prised apart.

  • Making Mechanical Sense

    Something funny happened to me when I was 16, that only made sense to me, years later. In my mid-year maths exam, after the scores were scaled up, I scored 10.25% (I can hear you laughing, but that wasn’t meant to be the funny bit). This was the year when Maths was mostly Calculus: integrate this, differentiate that. It was all Greek to me - except that my Greek was actually pretty good compared to my Maths.

  • Being scientific about people

    Scientific is my second highest hoozyu motivation (95). Its been a great discovery understanding how this impacts my life and how it’s lead and influenced me from my teens!

  • What does your hoozyu mean to you?

    When I first went through the process that underlies hoozyu (the Birkman Method Questionnaire), it had a fairly dramatic effect on me. I suddenly saw the past twenty years of my life in a whole new light. Not an entirely comfortable moment, but boy, did it make a difference, which continues to this day.

  • A Better Question

    Upon completing your education and setting out into the world of work, it can be difficult to get beyond the burning question of “What am I going to do?” For some people it becomes a kind of mantra amidst the rising panic and pressure to find a job. “What am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do?…

  • Three Keys to Navigating your Career Voyage - Successfully! (or without running onto the rocks)

    The pressure to know exactly what you are going to do with your life begins about 30 seconds after you are born (actually in some cases, your father may have started asking you this question when you were just a bump). In fact Great Aunt Mabel will probably still be asking you “what are you going to do when you grow up?” on your 40th birthday.