So, you’ve completed the questionnaire, you’ve received your results, you’ve had a look at your report… Chances are, you’ve started to realise how accurate and powerful this data really is!

But now what? How can you keep making use of your hoozyu data? How can you apply what you’re learning about yourself to the ‘real world’?

Below, I’ve put together some ideas to get you started - but this is by no means an exhaustive list. As you go through, try thinking about how you may be able to apply your hoozyu data in your own unique context. What specific areas of your life could you develop, using what you’ve learnt about yourself?

If you haven’t already been through your In-Depth Report, Careers Report and Stress Check on the platform then that’s always the first place to start! But beyond those areas you should also check out:

Raw Data

This page contains all of your hoozyu scores, including the full list of 209 Career Titles, arranged highest to lowest.

Quick exercise: scroll way down to the bottom of the list and check out your very lowest scores. Are there any roles you’re surprised to see so low? What might this tell you?

If you see your dream job way down the list: don’t freak out! But do spend some time thinking about why this might be. For example, do you have an idealistic impression of what that job involves? If you want to work as an editor because you love reading and writing and have a high literary score, but you only scored 2 for that role, what might that tell you about the other aspects of the job?

On the other hand, a low score on a job that interests you may just mean that you will bring an unconventional approach, or perspective, to a career generally enjoyed by people very different from you! Take time to find out more about the roles that interest you, and what tasks & activities they actually involve on a day-to-day basis.

Printable Summary

This is exactly what it sounds like - a summary of your key scores, designed to be printable! I find this is great for pinning to a noticeboard, or sticking on the wall - or on the fridge where you can’t miss it! Keep reminding yourself of your highest motivation scores, your Focus, the summary of your Need - or whatever areas feel most important for you to remember right now.

Don’t just look at the scores - decode them for yourself: High Mechanical? Doing practical tasks, that involve working with your hands, will help you stay motivated and energised. So when you look at your summary and see that score you should be asking yourself: ‘When was the last time I did something practical, mechanical or technical? What activity or project could I work on today, to engage this inherent motivation?’

Printable Worksheets

This page contains not only worksheets, but also a number of great reference materials - check out my last post for some ideas of how to make use of these. The worksheets (recently updated) include a 3-part series on Talent, Identity & Career, plus the hoozyu Explain Yourself worksheet, and a recent addition around Taking Stock & Starting Fresh.

Make the language of hoozyu part of your everyday vocabulary…

One of the best ways to get the most out of hoozyu is really just to make it a natural part of your everyday life. By which I don’t mean that I think you need to spend dedicated time every day looking at your report… (although you can do this by all means if it will help you!)

Instead, simply take the language and understanding you’ve gained from hoozyu, and allow it to permeate into how you think about and frame situations, your own context, and the interactions you have with others.

When you start making daily use of the language of your hoozyu report - even if only in your own head - you’ll find that you are naturally more aware of your own actions and reactions. You’ll notice more quickly when things aren’t going right for you, and may find it easier to pinpoint exactly where the issues lie.

In class and at home - apply what you’ve learnt!

Even if you completed hoozyu within the context of a specific programme at your school, college, or university, the data that you received relates to you. The same you that goes to class each day, the same you that heads home, the same you that hangs out with friends and family on the weekend…

Wherever you’re at, you are still fundamentally you, and your hoozyu data can help you stay motivated, and minimise stress, in every area of your life.

You can use your report to help you set sustainable goals, plan your future, and even work out which weekend activity will give you the most energy and refreshment for the coming week!

The more you reflect on, unpack, and make use of these scores, the more you’re going to get out of them.

How else have you made use of your data? What materials or exercises have you found most useful in your own life? What ideas would you share with, or suggest to, other people using hoozyu?