Ask almost anyone and they can probably tell you a tip or trick they use to stay motivated.

But a lot of these tips and tricks focus on motivation only as far as it relates to productivity - the motivation to get things done, or do good work.

It might be through controlling environmental factors such as physical workspace, lighting, or sound environment, setting goals and incentives using checklists and self-imposed targets, working to your natural rhythms by finding the time of day when you find it easiest to focus and do good work, or keeping things varied so you don’t get bored and lose interest… There are endless lists out there of different methods you can try for yourself - some of them really useful!

Yet many miss a fundamental aspect of motivation.

These ‘life hacks’ and productivity techniques may help you stay motivated on a day to day basis, but what about the bigger picture? Where does your motivation come from in the long run?

In other words, why do you get out of bed every morning and go to work? Where do you get that motivation from, and where do you see yourself going in the future?

If you’ve already done hoozyu you have the advantage of understanding your underlying motivations, both in terms of your Areas of Interest (the fields of activity that you will most enjoy working in) and Organisational Focus (the specific kinds of tasks that will keep you energised).

If these intrinsic motivations are not being met then no amount of life hacks will help you to feel energised in your life and work. You might make it through the day, you might even feel happy and productive in the short term, but over time the wear and strain of trying to find ways to stay motivated each day is going to take its toll.

There’s nothing wrong with making use of these kind of motivation exercises - in fact here’s some you might find useful - but if you’re really struggling with this motivation thing, then it’s worth considering whether the issue requires a more significant change than switching up your productivity techniques…