Over the years many people have done their hoozyu and enjoyed that moment of discovering how their results turned out - seeing their highest (and lowest!) interest scores and career matches and then the 4 colour grid showing their usual behaviour, needs and stress behaviour. It’s quite a fun experience getting something so uniquely personal and positive about yourself!

Sometimes it’s pretty much what you expected, sometimes it’s surprising, sometimes even downright puzzling. Your hoozyu always reflects back what you put in when you answered all those questions, but sometimes recognition of ourselves in hoozyu takes a while, and a bit of ‘unpacking’ and exploring to find out what it really means.

I’ve met many people who were very surprised by certain scores - surprised to be high on musical, surprised to come out very people focused on the grid, surprised by their spread of symbols on the grid. Usually, a short conversation and one or two examples of what the score is really getting at, is enough to have them nodding and saying something like - ‘well if that’s what it means, yes I get that, that’s so me!’

So how can hoozyu help you? Here’s what others have said - these stories may give you ideas about what you can look for in your hoozyu to help you with making your own course and career decisions…

It helped me open up the door of choices

I now know more about the things to consider in career selection

I was not sure about myself before the hoozyu program but now I know myself better and know what to do and what I want to do in the future.

This upgraded hoozyu report is really extensively detailed, deep and beneficial. I’ll dig into it slowly, but the few things that I did look at today, really helped me especially in the situation I am at right now - finishing class 12.

It has helped us understand why our children need what they need and act as they do. The wonderful thing about hoozyu is that it is so affirming. Freeing people to embrace their passion. Our eldest has both strong scientific & literary interests. She could have done either as a degree choice. Her choice of linguistics encompasses both her passion for words & language & requires her scientific processing ‘mind’ also. Since ‘discovering’ and being affirmed in his high musical score, despite not being able to play an instrument well yet, our son was able to try something never done in his school before - a ‘Special Thesis’ during his Senior year- composing and writing & producing an autobiographical concept album.  Because we knew our youngest was very high ‘outdoor’ we were able to encourage him to study in a place where he’s got many options to hike/surf/climb & canoe.

Keep an eye out for future posts where we’ll be sharing stories around making job decisions, trying new things, helping your family, building friendships, and managing stress.