Here’s three simple ways to use your hoozyu scores when it comes to thinking about your career choices.

‘It helped me open up the door of choices

Your hoozyu shows your top 20 of 209 careers (see Careers Report tab). This isn’t a list of all possible careers (as new ones are being invented all the time!), however, it’s a good place to get info on the kind of roles you will likely find engaging.

Select any that appeal to you and click on the hyperlink to find out more about the knowledge, skills, abilities and personality that ‘match’ this role, plus the training required and job outlook. (The info provided is for the USA so you may want to also search your own local career database such as National Career Service in the UK.)

It’s also useful to look at any roles in your list that you have no idea about what they are - you may discover an option you hadn’t even known about!

‘I know more about the things to consider in career selection’

Your hoozyu shows you what you need to sustain yourself and keep out of your negative reactive behaviours (stress!). Remember the need score on your Grid? Go to the ‘In-depth Report’ tab, ‘The Grid’, then ‘Need’. Here you will see what kind of environment and support you need to be at your best. This can help you make better choices.

For example, if you know you want to work with data and technology what do your needs suggest about the type of company to look for jobs in?

Compare green and yellow needs:

Compare green and yellow needs ;

If your needs are green, a more dynamic, fast paced, competitive company could be best, which embraces new opportunities and change. If they are yellow, then a more established, predictable company could be best, where you have routine and consistency and can work on the responsibilities assigned to you within a trusting team.

Of course, you may not have much choice when you are starting out - any job may be what you need! Keeping your needs in mind though, will help you understand why your environment suits you well or not so well.

‘The wonderful thing about hoozyu is that it is so affirming. Freeing people to embrace their passions… Because we knew our youngest was ‘high outdoor’ we were able to encourage him to study in a place where he’s got many options to hike/surf/climb and canoe.’

Doing something you love and enjoy in life is an important part of staying energised, motivated and satisfied. It may be a hobby or recreational activity, or it may be what you do as part of your job. Your hoozyu ‘Areas of Interest’ show, or affirm, for you what your love or passion is. Go to the ‘In-depth Report’ tab, ‘Areas of Interest’ and see your top 2/3 scores. Let these influence your choice of location or company, or out of work activities and that should make a big difference to you!