Here’s an interesting little exercise for you:

Log into your hoozyu account and go to your Areas of Interest within the in-depth report.

Now look at your very highest interest score and your very lowest interest score. Thinking about these 2 scores, try and come up with a simple statement to explain yourself.

We did this exercise together as a team last week, and even we were surprised by how much we learnt about each other in the process!

Here’s a couple of examples to get you thinking…

1. Highest score: Artistic / Lowest score: Persuasive

“My role is all about making things look good - it’s what I love to do! But I design things the way I think looks right… and I have no interest in trying to justify my choices to other people, or trying to convince them of why I think things should look the way I design them to look. I have a very ‘take it or leave it’ attitude!”

2. Highest score: Social Service / Lowest score: Clerical

“I am passionate about making a difference to people and supporting them to fulfil their potential, but I want to do that in an interactive and practical way with minimal detailed procedures. I wouldn’t survive well in a regulated environment with complex and detailed record keeping and form filling!”

3. Highest score: Mechanical / Lowest score: Social Service

“I like to get hands-on with the work that I do and I’m motivated by seeing an end result. Although I like to help others in a practical manner, I find it draining to just be a ‘shoulder to cry on’.”

So how about you? How would you explain yourself?