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  • What would you like to be better at?

    As the first day of 2014 went by quickly, this question came to my mind.

  • I Heart Art

    My wife and I went for our first art sketch at the National Museum of Singapore. The museum had organized art tours with practicing artists, as part of their exhibition called “The Princely Treasures from the House of Liechtenstein“.

  • The Elevator Contemplation

    I heard a conversation in the office elevator yesterday. Alright, I overheard a conversation in the office elevator yesterday. What could I do? They were talking so loudly.

  • Where is Brian? Brian is in the Kitchen!

    De l’eau a coulé sous les ponts depuis votre premier cours d’anglais en 6ème. Aujourd’hui, vous parvenez à faire une phrase entière et même tenir une conversation, sans parler de votre accent qui, même s’il est loin d’être parfait, est devenu tout à fait compréhensible! Il est temps d’envisager… un stage à l’étranger !

  • Silence is indeed Golden

    Today, I tried to make a conscious effort to be silent, and to recognize the beauty in silence. I wanted to learn how to be quiet in the midst of a noisy world.

  • And it was all Yellow...

    As I read the newspapers today, I chanced upon an article that featured a research project from the University of Kent. The research project was to see if there were any changes in the dreams of young people now, compared to 1978 when the research first started. Just like before, school-leavers were asked to write an essay about how they would imagine their lives in the future as if looking back at them, and to describe what had happened in between.


    Mardi, le père de la souris informatique Douglas Engelbart nous à quitté, à l’âge de 88 ans. Au cours de la pause déjeuner, notre chef évoque son admiration pour cet homme qui a su innover en son temps, ce qui a permis une petite révolution au sein des technologies des années 60, faisant ainsi de ses idées (issues de sa passion!) une réalité.

  • From Cheese to Chicken Rice…

    Bonjour à tous, Il est temps que la langue de Molière face son apparition sur ce blog! Je m’appelle Déborah et j’ai quitté ma France natale pour rejoindre l’équipe Hoozyu en février dernier à Singapour! En plus d’apprendre à mes collègues quelques mots essentiels tels que “Croissant” et de les convertir à la Baguette, je suis également Responsable Marketing et consultante hoozyu. (Oui! Le rapport est maintenant disponible en Français!)

  • Are you actually Listening?

    During our meeting this morning, the Boss said something sagely that caught my attention.

  • And tonight's hoozyu forecast...

    The end of the year is traditionally the time for talking about what the next year might bring. As it happens, there is quiet a lot coming down the road for hoozyu.

  • We aren't messing with your head (much)

    Maybe you have been through your hoozyu report a couple of times, and read all our blog posts on Artistic Interest and Positive Framing and every other thing, when suddenly a thought strikes you: “Are these hoozyu people messing with my head? Who cares if how things look or getting hands-on with problems or whatever really matters to me? In the real world, I bet this stuff is completely irrelevant. I’m being led up the garden path – again. ARRRGH!!!”

  • New Office & Certification

    First of all, an apology for the recent silence on this blog – we’ve just moved to a new office so we’ve been buried in cardboard boxes, phone lines and flat-pack furniture for the last week or so! We’re just about settled in now (only 4 more desks to assemble!), so the blog will be up and running again properly soon.

  • Social Service: Helping Others

    Your Social Service score reflects how important helping others is to you, be it helping them practically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially or any other way! If you have a high Social Service score, you may be motivated by feeling you are making a difference for individuals or society in general and you probably really care about “making things better”

  • Scientific: “Why?”

    Your Scientific score is not just about doing actual science, but also about how much you ask “Why?”. If you have a high Scientific score, you probably find it hard to take things at face value, and will do best in an environment where increasing understanding, in any area or topic, is important.

  • Persuasive: Selling Ideas

    Your Persuasive score is about whether you enjoy selling. If you have a high Persuasive score you probably have an “inbuilt” understanding of how to get other people onto the same wavelength as you. Fundamentally, you probably care about selling ideas as much as things.

  • Outdoor: Not being tied to the desk

    Your Outdoor score reflects whether you enjoy being able to get away from your desk, not just getting out in the “Great Outdoors”. If you have a high Outdoor score, you’ll probably hate to be cooped up in an office or classroom for long periods of time, and enjoy being active and outdoors in all weathers.

  • Numerical: Analysing Data

    Your Numerical score is about analysing data, as well as working with numbers.

  • Half Way There!

    We’re half way through our series on your Birkman and hoozyu Areas of Interest.

  • Musical: Sound Environment

    Next up is a look at your Musical score.

  • Mechanical: How Things Work

    Part 4 in our series on Areas of Interest is on Mechanical scores.

  • Literary: Words & Meaning

    The 3rd part of our ‘Areas of Interest’ Series focuses on Literary scores.

  • Clerical: Systems & Order

    Part 2 of our ‘Areas of Interest’ Series takes a look at your Clerical score.

  • Artistic: How Things Look

    Part 1 of our ‘Areas of Interest Series’ focuses on your Artistic score.

  • Time to dust off your hoozyu report: ‘Areas of Interest’ Series

    Over the next few weeks we’ll be running a series of posts on your hoozyu and Birkman ‘Areas of Interest’. We’ll be refreshing your memory of each of the 10 areas, but look out in particular for your top 3 areas for a fresh insight into what motivates and interests you the most, and activities you could do in those areas to help energize yourself.

  • The end of the conveyor belt: Part II

    So: you have reached the end of the educational conveyor belt, and you are now in the big heap of other new graduates who also do not yet have a job. It would be tempting, shallow and less than kind to write a post telling you how you shouldn’t let your situation stress you.

  • The end of the conveyor belt: Part I

    So: you made it through pre-school, primary school, secondary school, high school, college, university (or insert you local educational nomenclature here), and now the day of reckoning has arrived. You have reached the end of the educational conveyor belt, you weren’t one of the lucky ones to secure a place on a Graduate Scheme, and now you are wondering how on earth you are going to cope without a job prospect in sight. Your stress levels are building…

  • Positive Framing

    Had a great moment in a hoozyu workshop in London a couple of weeks ago – we had just started going through the Areas of Interest data (what matters most to you and energizes you). This particular participant had a high 90s score for Artistic, meaning that “visual impact” and “how things look” was going to be really very important to her.

  • Perfect timing

    I have awkward news for you: the point at which most of us launch out on our career (and prior to that, select our courses which held set that direction) is the point at which we are most aware of what others expect of us; and probably least aware of what matters most to us.

  • Motivation matters, whatever the job

    There is sometimes a (quite illogical) assumption that staying highly motivated matters only if you are in a professional high-flyer career.

  • Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow... Red, Green and Blue Bars

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the Birkman Method® Data at the heart of your hoozyu™ package underwent a major upgrade at the beginning of this year. If you took the Questionnaire before January 9th, 2012, you won’t have seen your Areas of Interest or Grid change, but you might see big changes in Org Focus and Career Families.

  • True Grit: getting a tighter grip on your Career Options

    While I would still say what we said in the hoozyu Workbook – namely, that your Areas of Interest scores are the most important data you have when it comes to making long-term career decisions – the Job Families (fourth and final) section of the hoozyu Birkman report just got a lot more powerful.

  • Major upgrade coming down the line

    From some time in mid January, there will be a major upgrade to the Job Families/Titles and Org Focus sections of the Birkman Report included in your hoozyu package.