Scientific is my second highest hoozyu motivation (95). Its been a great discovery understanding how this impacts my life and how it’s lead and influenced me from my teens!

I enjoyed science subjects at school - at least I enjoyed biology and geography, and I managed physics even though there were too many calculations for my liking. I didn’t pursue chemistry - complex equations were not for me and I wasn’t at all inspired about its relevance and practical application!

I simply like to know answers to all sorts of questions: what happens when a new species is introduced to an ecosystem? why did people choose to settle in that river valley? what makes a river change course over time? why is there a sand bank here and a pebble beach here? what enables a plant to survive a drought or even a bush fire?

I was very happy plunging through icy rivers on my geography field camp, taking measurements of water flow and size of pebbles and dissecting plants to discover all the amazing cells inside.

The whole thing of analysing something, proving something, of showing evidence for it, is a driver for me. Finding out what is really going on and how that impacts things. Then, if we change something, what will happen as a result, what difference will it make?

I do ask ‘why’ a lot - both verbally (to the annoyance of my family!) and internally. I always give reasons for things I say and think, and wonder why others don’t. I struggle to take things at face value - because surely there is more to this than what we can see or observe. Superficial explanations or reasoning or, worse still, no reason or reasoning, leave me unconvinced and sceptical even.

Interestingly, when it came to further study, I opted for Psychology. If I mention my highest hoozyu motivation is social service (96) you may not be surprised. Psychology is the why and science of people after all! Why do individuals and groups behave as they do? What can change that behaviour where it’s detrimental, what can support someone to reach their potential?

I shifted through interest in educational psychology, mental health, special needs and gradually moved into work (or occupational) psychology and personal development. I gain great satisfaction in supporting people to discover what kind of life and career and context works best for them, and supporting them to develop into better managers and leaders. The why is still there of course. Why did this person do so well in their last role but is struggling to manage in this new one? Why does this team not communicate well or under perform? Why is this team very customer focussed but not this one? What do we need to understand in order to see what to change and how. Its still about analysis and questioning and evidence-base but the outcome is making a tangible difference to people (which is the heart of the social service motivation). My highest motivations are definitely at work for me!

Magazines and books

P.S. On my coffee table you will find a great mix of geographic and psychology magazines, and on my bookshelf travel and natural science books, plus some research methods reference volumes. Its great to know why!