hoozyu will change your life. That’s why one of the most common things we see is someone ordering a hoozyu… and then coming back within a couple of hours and ordering some more for friends / siblings / significant other.

And it is all because hoozyu helps you to understand who you are.

“Just a minute!” I hear you say: “who the heck are you to be telling me who I am?”

Couldn’t agree more. I wouldn’t even try. We get really mad over so-called ‘career tools’ that set out to put you in a box, and, even worse, do so by asking you questions and then just regurgitating your answers. (Really. Don’t get me started). That’s why hoozyu uses a sophisticated and extremely well-validated approach that allows you to hear yourself speak, and so to learn what really matters to you.

Of course, you may think you can do that fine already, but here’s the catch: it turns out that none of us, whether we are 19 or 49, are very good at knowing what really matters to us. For most of us, what we say about ourselves is somewhat (very) misleading as a guide to what motivates or upsets us. And it is even harder in our teens and early twenties, because that is when we are most aware of everyone else’s expectations of us.

hoozyu allows you to cut through all that. Your hoozyu report spells out what really motivates you, what you most need from those around you, and what could happen when you don’t receive that. That is, how to understand and focus your talents, while managing your potential derailers. So we just love what we hear most often from users, which is “wow, how did you know all that about me?”

The answer is, we didn’t, you did: all we did was help you tell yourself what is really going on down there…