Summer in the Northern hemisphere means 2 things. Firstly, the possibility that the British Isles may actually see a few weeks of sunshine, and secondly, the start of the long holidays for many of our hoozyu users.

So how will you be spending your time?

Looking back on those long holidays of my own school and uni days (I actually don’t have to look back very far…) I can hardly believe how carelessly I squandered them! Not that squandering time isn’t an important part of the lives of all young people - it’s practically a rite of passage! But to me, just 2 years into the world of full-time employment, the thought of 6 consecutive weeks of ‘free’ time already seems like an unimaginable luxury!

You could master a new subject in 6 weeks! You could learn a new instrument! You could write the first draft of a book! You could read a whole shelf of books! You could organise, invent, design, participate, start, finish, do, make, help, try, fix, create…

I mean think about it - 6 weeks. That’s 42 days. 1,008 hours! Sure you’ll be asleep for a large chunk of those, and you’ll have chores to do, errands to run, homework and maybe even a summer job eating into that time. You’ll want to hang out with your friends, and spend time with your family, go shopping, watch films, and all the rest of it. Maybe you’ll get the chance to travel! These are all great ways to spend your holiday.

But what if you set aside some time to learn something new? Develop a new skill, or hone an old one. What if you set aside some time for self development - for learning in your own way, in an area of your own choosing?

The things you learn in school are doubtlessly important, but classroom lessons are just a tiny scratch on the surface… there is so much to learn about the world we live in. Things that aren’t often taught in schools - specialist subjects, and obscure branches of different fields of study.

Whatever your interest is, there is always more to learn. And by delving deeper into different areas you are not only developing your knowledge but exploring your options for the future. Maybe you’ll discover a career path you would never otherwise have considered. You might unearth a deep interest in town planning, or microbiology, or cinematography, or permaculture… your options are open, and as varied as the areas of knowledge you choose to discover.

If you have access to the internet, or to a library, you have access to a whole wealth of knowledge - so why wait?

If you’ve done hoozyu you could use your Area of Interest scores as a starting place for discovering what subjects really interest and motivate you.