It hit me rather unexpectedly this week that it is already mid-July.

Mid-July as in: has it really been over 6 months since we celebrated the new year?!

Here in Singapore it’s particularly easy to miss the progression of the months - with no real seasons to mark the passing of time, the perpetual summer can be misleading.

The beginning of July marked the half way point of the year - and an excellent time for looking back on the last 6 months and reflecting on any goals you might have set in January. For me, this milestone can be an excellent wake-up call; I love setting goals for the year, but I do have a tendency to lose focus as time goes on…

That’s why setting aside some time to reflect can be a great way to get back on track, and make sure you haven’t lost sight of those things you hoped to achieve.

Sometimes you’ll find your original goals were overly optimistic or ambitious, maybe you’ll decide to tone them down a bit - but you may also realise that you’ve underestimated yourself! It’s a great feeling, finding you can achieve so much more than you originally thought, but it is sometimes only by shooting for something nigh on unreachable that we get to where we want to be.

So have a think and look back on those resolutions or goals you made at the beginning of the year - encourage yourself and make action points to help you get there. There is just under 6 months left of the year, so make the most of them!

But what if you didn’t set any goals? Or maybe you’re just not one for making resolutions.

This can still be a great time to reflect on the year! Think about what things made you happy these last 6 months? What are the things you want to do more of? What aspects of your life have you found stressful or unhealthy? Can you avoid these in future?

You could make a note of these reflections - on your phone, or in a journal, so you have them to look back on - or just mull things over during a break in your day.

Finally, don’t forget to have a look back over your hoozyu Areas of Interest. How many of your high scores are you engaging with? Are your goals aligned with the things that motivate you? What activities could help you achieve more and stay energised while doing so?

Why not try repeating this process every 6 months? Or, if it’s something you find particularly helpful, make it part of your monthly routine - the more often you stop to reflect on your goals and achievements, the easier it becomes to stay focused and on track.