As you may have picked up, hoozyu is about helping people to understand themselves, identify their potential and make great choices as they approach life and career. Talent is a key construct we discuss.

But I recently came across this list which makes a very important point: it isn’t just about talent. In fact, there is stuff which requires no talent, but without which your talent will be without value.

The list is pretty good (not entirely sure all body language requires no talent, but you get the point - who is going to give an important assignment to someone slouching and lolloping their way through life?)

There are plenty of others we could add: loyalty, trustworthiness, willingness to serve. But here’s the point. You can have all the talent in the world, and 100,000 followers on YouTube or Instagram or LinkedIn; but if someone opens a door for you and you don’t turn up, early and rearing to go, all the talent in the world will do nothing for you - or for anyone else.

1) being on time; 2) work ethic; 3) effort; 4) body language; 5) energy; 6) attitude; 7) passion; 8) being coachable; 9) doing extra; 10) being prepared;

(We were unable to find the original source of this list but you can find various renditions of it across the web…)