…is a phrase probably only familiar to the ancient amongst us. Back in the days of analogue TV (in Black and White), sometimes the broadcasting station would run into problems screening a programme – a cable burnt out in the live studio, or the 70mm film jumped the sprockets on the projector or something. To prevent a whole nation rising from their sofas and thumping the wooden TV or twirling the tuning dial until it fell off (or worse, retuned to the one other available station), they would turn a spare camera to a card on which was written, “Please do not adjust your set…” If you were lucky, you also got Jacques Loussier playing Bach’s Air on the G String. Or possibly a bumble bee playing Rimsky-Korsakoff.

So, if you are wondering at the lack of signal on this blog, please don’t adjust your set, or your expectations. Far from us having lost interest, we have been hard at work, developing three key resources, which are now ready for you.

  • The hoozyu Fundamentals course on Siminars.com. Designed for anyone who wants to be able to help others with their hoozyu results, you can sign up at http://smnr.me/neoemj

  • The hoozyu BOOK! hoozyu: preparing for life and marketplace with the Birkman Method by Jon Mason. Designed for young people and those who help them. Available as paperback or eBook, or search on Amazon.

  • Drum roll please… The new hoozyu App. Final pre-launch invitations go out in the next 24 hours, and we hope to be live in the next 7 days. Free upgrade for all existing users; you will find huge amounts of insight and information built in to the new version. If you don’t hear from us in the next 7 days, please contact support@hoozyu.com and we will get you sorted (probably means you have changed email addresses). So: please enjoy!