Back in April we put together a series all about reading the Grid - which included understanding the colours of the Grid. Today we’re talking about Interests, but as you will already have noticed, your 10 Interests are colour-coded with the same 4 colours you see on the Grid.

The Interest Colours

Each individual Interest describes a unique area and how much you are likely to be drawn to and motivated by that area, but when we look at the groupings and colours of your Interest scores that can tell us something too.

So take a look at your own list of Interests:

If the order of the colours is all mixed up - Red, Yellow, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red etc. - then you should just focus on the individual scores.

But if you see blocks of colour - e.g. all the Blue scores low, or all the Red scores high - then this is telling you something about your overarching interests.

For example, if the Blue scores are all low, then creative tasks and activities are probably not what gets you out of bed in the morning. If all the Red scores are high, hands-on practical activity is what you are all about.

Make a note of any blocks of colour you may see in your own list, and what these tell you - either about overarching motivators, or overarching de-motivators! (Don’t worry too much about blocks of colour in the mid-range, it is really the high and low positions that mean the most here.)

Note: Remember these 10 Interest scores are also what feed into the positioning of your Asterisk on the Grid. In our post on Reading Your Asterisk we talked about using these 2 sections of the data together, to get the most accurate reading of your motivations.

As a reminder, here are the descriptions for the Asterisk (Grid Interest) in each of the 4 colours:

The Interest Colours