The way we see it, the Birkman data and personal insights available in your expresso report are pretty life-changing… but as with anything, if you look at it once - and never again - there is a limit to how much you’re going to get from it.

That’s why, if you really want to see the longer term benefits of utilising your expresso data, we suggest creating a regular routine for engaging with your scores in a practical and applicable way - or making it part of any existing self-development practices you carry out for yourself.

Here’s an example of what that could look like:

You might take a one-hour session, once a month, when you block out time to review the data in your report, make notes on any things that strike you anew, and reflect on how things have been going for you over the last month.

You might then ask yourself a series of set questions that allow you to track your levels of motivation and engagement, any areas of stress you might be experiencing, and any progress you’ve made in things like self-management and skills development. You’ll eventually be able to look back over the months - or years - and see where you’ve successfully gained new achievements and overcome recurring issues, and where you may need to focus your attention to address something you’re still struggling with.

You could also use this session to set short- and long-term goals - based on the areas you recognise are well-aligned with your fundamental drive and motivations - and check in on your progress toward those goals each month.

Alternatively, if you’re someone for whom reflection is a daily habit, you might keep your summary report on hand for quick reference every day. Or you might bring it to weekly check-ins with your line manager or team mates, or use it to help you in mapping out your week and priorities…

Whatever way you may prefer to do things, any kind of regular reflection or self-development exercises you can put in place for yourself around the expresso data are going to make a big difference in your ability to implement the data and insights available to you.

There are handouts and worksheets that you can make use of (on the Printable Worksheets page of the expresso platform), as well as the detailed explanations and suggestions available in the In-Depth Report and Stress Check.

Use the materials to get started, and continue to develop the process over time, as you discover what is most helpful for you and begin to come up with your own questions and reflection prompts.

It doesn’t take much, but both the short- and long-term results are well worth the effort!