How do three high Artistic people - with a good dose of high Outdoor, high Scientific and high Mechanical - spend their holiday together?

Answer: 3 days camping in the wilderness, in one of Australia’s amazingly beautiful National parks!

Now by camping I mean a bush camp, right by the ocean, with no facilities other than a toilet in a shed! And no water apart from what we took with us.

We cooked simple meals on a gas burner and slept squashed in two small tents with sleeping bags (we forgot mattresses or air beds and sand is surprisingly hard!). There were plenty of flies and insects to deal with, and it was very cold at night. But was it worth it? Yes!

The Southern Ocean was majestic - turquoise and wild; the moon and stars were amazing - so clear and inspiring. We saw kangaroos with joeys, an emu, dolphins playing in the waves at early light one morning, beautiful birds, shrubs and plants found nowhere else in the world, seaweeds and starfish in abundance - and, of course, a dangerous Aussie snake on a walking trail one day!

We spent a day trekking for 27km through a mix of wind and rain and brilliant sunshine, saw beautiful native plants and flowers, and unspoilt white sand bays and bush. We didn’t see another person all day until we were back at the beach by the campsite!

We climbed a rocky outcrop another day to see for miles across the vastness of WA and found the southern end of the rabbit proof fence, as we searched in vain for whales off the headland.

The beauty of creation refuelled our hearts and spirits and provided the unspoilt scenes that many ‘high Artistics’ long for - and we loved being out in and experiencing the weather: the ‘outdoors’ that high Outdoor people crave.

What I’ve just described may not be everyone’s best thing, I know (and I was very glad of my soft bed and hot shower when I got back)! But for me, it will be a favourite holiday for the rest of my life!

For many of us holiday time can be a rare and precious thing amidst the hectic realities of life. Whether you’re holidaying alone, with your spouse, child, friends or the whole family, think about what location, environment, activities and atmosphere are going to be most engaging, rejuvenating and energising for each of you - so that you can return home feeling you made great use of your precious time away.

If you’ve all done Birkman (whether hoozyu, expresso, Snapshot, or Signature) take a look at your Areas of Interest scores. What Interest scores do you share? How could you design your holiday plans to best engage these Interests? And if your Interests are entirely opposite - what will you need to do to make sure everyone gets to do something that revives and motivates them?

If you’re going on holiday with a large group of people you may want to split up into smaller groups for different activities - a hike or walking tour for the high Outdoors, a chance to get amidst the bustle of local life and meet new people for the high Persuasives, an evening at a local music venue for the high Musicals…

Use your data to make the most of your opportunities to unwind and take a break - even if it’s a staycation in your own city!