It’s easy to overlook, but the ‘My Headlines’ page of the expresso platform is a really great resource - especially if you’re just looking for a quick reminder of some of your key scores, to help keep yourself on track!

If you’re not familiar with this page, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to find there:


  1. Things that matter a lot to you, and which you therefore are likely to find energising. (i.e. your top Interest scores)

  2. Things which might well be important, but which you still wish someone else would take care of! (i.e. very low Interest scores. Note: If you don’t have any really low Interest scores it’s possible that you won’t have anything for this section.)

  3. The kind of thing you probably most enjoy doing on an hour-by-hour basis. (i.e. your Focus)

Your Style

  1. How you are generally seen… (Usual)

  2. And what you may sometimes become… (Stress)

Career & Role Similarities

  1. The broad fields in which the people you most resemble are found. (Career Families)

  2. The specific roles in which people a lot like you are happy and successful. (Career Titles)

The Headlines page is just a simple summary, and if you’re looking for more detail you’ll definitely want to delve into the In-Depth Report, but sometimes a lighter touch is all that’s needed to get clear on what you might be missing!

Use this page to remind yourself of the things that are going to keep you energised, engaged, and able to do a good job. Look out for opportunities to engage your Interests (whether in or out of work) and never underestimate the importance of those Motivation scores!