The final section of the My Headlines page (if you haven’t already, you should check out parts one and two of this series) is around Career & Role Similarities.

This is a simple summary to highlight your highest matches from the Careers section of your hoozyu report.

If you look at your own My Headlines page, you’ll see 2 green boxes at the bottom of the page, each with 3 bullet points.

The first box contains 3 broad categories (for example, one of mine is Engineering & Architecture), while the second box contains 3 specific roles (e.g. Environmental Engineers).

Your specific roles may ‘fit into’ your broad categories (as with the engineering example) or they may appear to be completely unrelated. Don’t worry either way!

You can explore the full Careers Report for more detail, but the idea here is just to give you a quick reminder - stripping out your very highest matches from the full list of scores to highlight some key similarities.

When talking about the hoozyu careers data we always start by reminding people what this data isn’t saying, before we get into what it is…

Why? Because it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that these scores are an indication of the roles you are best suited to. But that simply isn’t what the data is measuring.

In fact I’d hazard a guess that there isn’t any data in the world that could really tell you that - there are too many variables and details to take into account!

So what is this data telling us? Simply this: that the way you answered the questionnaire that powers hoozyu, was most similar to the people who are happy and successful in those roles that appear as your top matches.

I won’t go into the details of that process, but effectively what it means is this: if you have Environmental Engineers as your top match for job roles, that means that - out of the 209 roles currently measured - you appear most similar, in terms of your interests, personality and perspective, to people who are happy in their roles as Environmental Engineers.

Does that mean you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to be an Environmental Engineer? Nope!

You may, or you may not, be equipped for the roles that appear as your highest matches - that isn’t something hoozyu measures I’m afraid. Only you know what skills or qualifications you have, so only you can make the decision about what career/s you should or shouldn’t pursue.

What this data does is give you a clue into the fields or roles you may find it motivating and enjoyable to work in.

So how should we make use of this data? Well, here’s how I get value out of my scores - maybe it will help you work with your own!

1. Broad Categories (a.k.a. Career Families)

For each Career Family I start by asking myself these questions:

  • What kind of jobs fall into this broad category?
  • What kind of environment are those jobs generally found in?
  • Is this a field I’ve ever considered before? If yes, what drew me to it? If no, what did I find unappealing about it?
  • If it’s a field that I’ve just never thought of: what do I find most interesting or exciting about this field? Is it something I might want to look into?

As I think through these questions I begin to notice the similarities that crop up across the fields. Maybe none of these fields are something I actually want to pursue, but that something that they have in common may be a clue to the kind of job that will suit me.

2. Specific Roles (a.k.a. Career Titles)

With Career Titles it’s a similar process, just with slightly different questions:

  • What kind of tasks would this role involve?
  • Is it mostly desk / computer work or would I be involved with any kind of physical products or environment?
  • What kind of setting is this role generally found in? An office? Workshop? Factory? Retail space? Outdoors? etc.
  • What is the overarching purpose or drive of this role? Creating products? Communicating with customers? Helping people? Collecting data? etc.

You can probably think of your own questions, dependent on the things that will matter most to you. If you can’t answer the questions for each of your high matching roles, do some research and find out!

And remember, this isn’t the limit of the jobs that are available to you - there’s plenty of roles not measured in the hoozyu data at all! So learn what you can by asking yourself good questions and gleaning the common themes that crop up for you as you do so - then take what you’ve learnt and start to piece together your own ideas of what the perfect job for you might look like…

Who knows - maybe it’s a role that doesn’t quite exist yet… but if you can define the unique space you want to fill in the world, you’ll be able to pinpoint the knowledge and experiences you’ll need in order to get there, and the steps you need to take now to get you on the right track!

So, what are you waiting for? Get stuck in, and all the best on your career journey!