If you’re looking for a quick and snappy reminder of how you can stay energised this week, your best bet is probably to check out the My Headlines page of the hoozyu platform, and focus on the first section: Motivation.

The first part of the Motivation summary is based around your Interest scores.

If you’re on a laptop it should look something like this, with your top 3 motivators on the left and your strong de-motivators (if you have any) on the right:

Motivation: Interests

Note: Some of you may find you have a few scores in the de-motivator column, others may not have any - don’t worry either way! Only Interests with scores under 20 end up in that box, so this will differ from person to person.

Part of the reason this is such a great resource is that it strips out all the in-between scores, and allows you to focus on the things that are going to have the strongest impact on you.

Looking at the summary above I can instantly see that engaging in something visual or ‘wordy’, or getting out for a walk, are going to be quick boosts to my energy levels, and that if I’m having to negotiate or be involved in selling (whether objects, ideas or experiences) I’m likely to be finding that pretty draining.

In fact, the more I’m having to engage with the things in the de-motivator column, the more vital it becomes that I am balancing that out with plenty of the things from the motivator column!

Have a look at your own scores. Have you been engaging more with your motivators or de-motivators recently? What can you do today to give yourself a boost of energy? What can you do this week to ensure you are regularly engaging those top Interest scores?

The second part of the Motivation summary is based around Your Focus. You should see something like this:

Motivation: Focus

It can get a little confusing what the difference between Interest and Focus is, so don’t worry if you’re struggling to get your head around it. As it says above, Focus is about the specific kinds of tasks (i.e. hands-on practical tasks, people-focused and interactive tasks, creative and strategic tasks, or analytical and administrative tasks) you want to be involved in hour-by-hour, while Interests tell us the ‘fields’ where you want to be doing those tasks.

If we combine the two examples above I want to be doing mainly creative thinking and planning, strategic tasks in a visual, ‘wordy’ or outdoor context.

Does that make sense?

Have a look at your own descriptions in the Motivation section of your ‘My Headlines’ page. How do your Interest and Focus motivators combine together? What kind of tasks do you want to be working on, and in what kind of context?

Think about the week ahead of you: does your current reality match up with your motivations, or not much? Is there anything you can do to align different aspects of your life with the tasks or the interests that most energise you?

How can you use this summary of your motivations to keep yourself from getting drained each week? And what regular activities can you use as your own personal energy boost?