While those of you in the northern parts of the world are wrapping up warm and getting ready for the frosty months of winter, it’s summertime in the southern hemisphere! And that means the long holidays for those of you in places like Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re going away during this summer break, think about what kind of environment, activities and atmosphere are going to be most refreshing and energising for you, and the other people you may be going with.

Camping in the wilderness, an airbnb in the heart of the city, or staying at a seaside resort - any of these may be your ideal. And even if you don’t have options about where you’re going, you may still be able to plan some of the activities or outings you do while you’re there.

Why not take a look at your Interests data - how could you engage with your top scores during this trip?

Blue Interests? How about taking a sketchbook? You don’t need to be great at drawing - if you enjoy it, just have a go! Take photos, or write about what you see and experience. Visit a local art gallery or museum, find places that have live music, seek out beautiful gardens, architecture or landscapes in the area. And always take a good book to read!

Green Interests? Get involved! You may be someone who likes going on holiday with a big group. Find the buzzing areas and talk to people, introduce yourself and learn about the area / people / culture / history. Find ways to get involved in any local causes, support independent shops / local craftspeople / ethical startups etc.

Red Interests? Look for practical activities! Take a craft project with you (easily done if you’re someone who knits or crochets). Find opportunities for outdoor pursuits; visit museums - especially ones with a focus on machinery, transport, natural sciences. If you’re camping - whittle something! If you’re self-catering - take charge of the food prep!

Yellow Interests? Take responsibility for planning, budgeting and keeping track of spending! You might have a knack for remembering routes and bus numbers too - plan a rough itinerary and make suggestions about the best order to do things in. Collect snippets - ticket stubs and entry stickers, maps and brochures from the places you visit. Take a pack of cards, logic-based puzzles, or board games to play on any quiet evenings.

And if you have a broad mix of Interest scores then some combination of all these different things may work best for you!

These ideas aren’t limited to trips away - even if you’re spending the holidays at home (or are in the wintery northern hemisphere!) think about how you can get the most out of your time off by engaging your top interest scores. You could also check out my earlier post on indulging in the things that inspire you for even more ideas…

Happy Holidays!