As we approach the end of the year, here’s some ideas to help you make the most of the December holidays, so that you can start January on a high note - feeling refreshed and ready for a new year! This isn’t specific to the Christmas season however, so wherever you are in the world - and whatever you do, or don’t, celebrate - these ideas are good year-round!

Oftentimes when we get to the holidays, we’ve been working so hard - or for so long - that we feel completely worn down and exhausted.

In that state of mind it can be tough to work out what we should be doing to make the most of the break - and there’s a danger that we instead end up just staying in bed, binge-scrolling social media and watching too much Netflix…

Sound familiar?

A better option is to use hoozyu to plan activities that are going to help you make the most of your time off - whether you’re a student or are already working - so that you get to the end of the break, not only well-rested, but also feeling good about how you spent your time.

To do this, first take a look at your top Interest scores and come up with a couple of things you feel you need to make time for, in order to feel you’re not ‘running on empty’.

It might be spending time with people, it might be taking a quiet day by yourself. It might involve an active hobby or sport, decluttering and organising, thinking and writing, or spending time with the important people in your life.

Whatever your key need/s may be (i.e. the things that help you to feel stable, centred, and back on track) this is always the first step. When we’re in that totally-drained, near-zombie state it’s not easy to make good decisions about anything; we first have to get refreshed and energised enough to look around and get inspired again!

Once you’re starting to feel more like yourself, it’s time to dream bigger. (Note - if you were always feeling like yourself: good job! Gold star for you, and skip straight to this next step.)

Review the suggestions in the Interest handouts (there’s a 1-page and a 10-page version available on the Printable Worksheets page of the platform) and come up with a list of things - activities, ideas, projects, outings - that fit with one or more of your key motivations.

Dream big and get excited about the possibilities - how could you engage these scores (in a bigger, better way) in the extra time you have during the holidays?

Not sure what I mean by that? Here’s some examples:

If you’re high Musical and Mechanical, play instruments or have friends who do, why not record an album?

It might be rough and amateur (or it might be slick and professional - depending on your skills and experience) but it’s something you’ll enjoy working on, and, once completed, can then hold in your hand (or on your laptop) and say ‘I made this’.

That is a pretty good feeling.

High Social Service?

Chances are (if you’re not already involved in charitable causes) you’re someone who is always wishing you could do more to help others or support the causes you believe in.

You may not have the time or freedom to do so in your usual schedule, but what about volunteering or organising an event during your time off - whether raising money for a cause, raising awareness for an issue, helping at a soup kitchen, visiting elderly people who don’t have family, collecting toys and essentials for families living in poverty, supporting refugees, tutoring disadvantaged kids, or whatever may be close to your heart.

High Scientific?

How about carrying out your own research project? Pick a topic that fascinates or puzzles you; find books, documentaries, museums or websites that cover that topic.

Collate your findings, digest what you learn and put together your own written report / explainer video / mini-documentary / infographic / article or speech on the subject - or use your findings to inform the creation of a new invention, design, artwork, or product. (The output you choose will likely have a lot to do with whatever other high scores you have!)

You don’t have to take up a big new project if that’s not your style - coming up with a bunch of smaller things that will give you an energising boost, is cool too. However you do it, see if you can push yourself to get serious about these intrinsic motivations that you have: allow yourself the ‘luxury’ to indulge in the things that inspire you.

They may not be the same things that matter to the people around you, but if it matters to you it is worth investing your time in.