Self-development is for everyone. Business leaders and CEOs, high school students and new graduates… there’s no point at which you can dust off your hands and say ‘done’.

Whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, there are always ways you can grow - always skills and understanding you can develop.

None of us are as good as we could be, at what we do. And until you recognise the truth of that, and identify the specific areas you can develop in, you are limiting yourself and stunting your ability to progress - in your life, your education, and your career.

Think of yourself as a Work in Progress.

You’ve got some skills, some knowledge, you may be on your way to developing expertise in a particular area… but you’re not the ‘finished product’. You’ve still got a ways to go - we all have!

So ask yourself: What aspect/s of yourself - your skillset, knowledge, self-management or whatever - strike you as being most in need of development?

It might be something specific like: you want to improve your skills in crafting well-written essays and articles, or you want to increase your skillset by learning to use _ _ _ _ _ (a particular program / a piece of software / hardware / a system or database).

It might be something more general like: developing a better understanding of _ _ _ _ _ (a field you’re interested in e.g. marketing / finance / management / education / technology etc.) or you want to get better at managing your own reactions when things don’t go according to plan.

Learning and development doesn’t finish with school. Far from it. You will learn more over the continuing years of your life than you ever learnt in the classroom. The difference is that you are now personally responsible for that learning. You decide your own curriculum. You decide how much of your time you invest in your own development.

Sometimes, finding the motivation to keep working on yourself is going to be tough. But, as with anything: the stronger you get, the easier it becomes.

And as you develop yourself, and progress through life, you’ll start to see more opportunities arise - things you never thought you would be equipped to handle, that suddenly don’t seem so far out of reach…