Making decisions about what kind of job / career / lifestyle / endeavour you are working towards can be pretty difficult.

We all know people who have always wanted to ‘be a something’ - whether a journalist, botanist, graphic designer, nurse or professional athlete. They glide seamlessly into their chosen path or work with fierce determination to get what they want. That may not be you, and probably isn’t.

You may identify more with one of the following:

  • I have no idea what I want to do.
  • I don’t feel very confident making such a big decision about my life.
  • I have 2 completely different things I love and can’t decide between them.
  • I have so many options and can’t decide which is best.
  • My results, my education track, my income, my……. leave me with limited options.
  • Nothing really interests me.

Any and all of these are really normal! So relax, and know you are in good company!

Here’s 5 suggestions or truisms to help you as you navigate through this exciting but sometimes challenging time:

  1. Most of us end up doing quite a few things we never planned - we take up unexpected opportunities or something just comes our way. In the end these often help us understand better what we do and don’t want. So, as long as we don’t get stuck for too long they are opportunities to be welcomed.

  2. If you don’t have a ‘the rest of my life’ direction then start with something you enjoy or think will be a good experience or, if nothing else, that just gets you some income so you can survive while you get clearer and do some ‘what I love’ stuff in your own time. If you can find a positive purpose in each step (I can learn here, this will give me enough money to ___) then it is worthwhile. Stay as long as that positive purpose remains, recognise when its no longer true and then look for the next thing.

  3. We can learn useful and relevant stuff in all sorts of situations - we don’t often think of our life as being as much about who we are as what we do but it’s true. People will often remember you more in terms of the kind of person you are, than what you did. So being a good follower, willingly doing things you don’t particularly like (and doing them well), being eager to learn, treating people well, learning how to build good relationships with colleagues are all things you can be doing in any place you find yourself. This experience gained will serve you hugely in the future!

  4. What we believe about ourselves, our own capability, is often more important than our history or maths grades. Clearly we can’t be a brain surgeon without learning some important skills and passing some difficult exams but the following principle is true: ‘we will put effort and determination into those things we are most motivated by’. This is a big driver and there are many examples of people who totally messed up school but still went on to be and do remarkable things that they were passionate about..

  5. It can take some of us a long time to discover what we really want to do. There is so much we don’t know at age 19 or 20! So many opportunities and roles and contributions and possibilities that we don’t even know exist and it can take most of our life to discover the specific niche we love. So be patient! Reflect on each experience you have and identify what you find engaging and what you don’t, what context works best for you and which you find frustrating, stressful or draining. Eventually you should find that ‘sweet spot’ and be able to describe that to others.

Your hoozyu will keep helping you through life’s decisions - it’s your friend and companion and will keep throwing up new insights as your experience and context changes! And, if you’re ever unsure, the hoozyu team is here to help you!