Maybe you have been through your hoozyu report a couple of times, and read all our blog posts on Artistic Interest and Positive Framing and every other thing, when suddenly a thought strikes you: “Are these hoozyu people messing with my head? Who cares if how things look or getting hands-on with problems or whatever really matters to me? In the real world, I bet this stuff is completely irrelevant. I’m being led up the garden path – again. ARRRGH!!!”

Well… no, you are not. I regularly spend my time in expensive venues with highly successful business leaders and their teams. And what are we talking about? “You know, that high Artistic score you have there – doesn’t mean you can paint or draw (do you?); but it definitely means you are going to care about how things look. Make sense?” “Absolutely – in fact I have just realised why I gave the supplier from XYZ Corp such a hard time, you know they had printed all these materials for us and…”

Serious. We give people on six- and seven-figure salaries the same information we give you – and it transforms the way they work. So that crazy Questionnaire you completed isn’t quite as silly as it seems. Take this information seriously and it can help you build a sustainable life in the years to come.