While I would still say what we said in the hoozyu Workbook – namely, that your Areas of Interest scores are the most important data you have when it comes to making long-term career decisions – the Job Families (fourth and final) section of the hoozyu Birkman report just got a lot more powerful.

Here’s why: in the old version of the report, the Job Families themselves (e.g. Legal or Admin Professional or whatever) WERE the scores. By comparing your Birkman Profile scores with scores of reference groups for each Job Family, you were given a rating on each one; to what extent did you look like the people in the Legal or Admin Professional reference group. Job Titles – actual role specific titles – were printed to the right of the Job Family descriptions. These Job Titles were representative examples of actual roles typical of the Job Family for which you had been rated. The SAME Job Titles, and in the same order, appeared by Legal (for example) for every single person, regardless of how they had scored.

In the NEW version of the report, things are a lot different, and not just because the Job Families have been completely revamped. Now the Job Titles are the primary basis of scoring and the Job Families are just a roll-up of the constituent Job Title scores. What does that mean? Compare your report with a friend’s. Find Engineering (for example). The Job Titles on your report are the Engineering Job Titles you scored highest for, and in the order you scored them. Even if you friend has some of the same Job Titles listed, they are unlikely to be in the same order, let alone the same scores. I looked at exactly this example for myself and my son. Engineering is his highest Job Family match, my second highest. Within that, he led with Aerospace, which didn’t appear in my list at all (rats!). He had Software Engineering (Applications), but I had Software Engineering (Systems). And so on.

So what? Looking at the top listed Job Titles in your highest Job Families is now an extremely meaningful exercise. These scores ARE STILL NOT telling you what you should do; but they are a much more fine-grained-and-gritty measure of who you most closely resemble. And for reasons I will go into another time, they are also now much more strongly predictive of your satisfaction in a particular role. This is a huge upgrade to an already massively powerful tool!

If you completed hoozyu prior to Jan 9th 2012, contact us at support@hoozyu.com and request your free new version hoozyu report. If you haven’t done hoozyu yet – what on earth are you waiting for? Find us at hoozyu.com