So: you made it through pre-school, primary school, secondary school, high school, college, university (or insert you local educational nomenclature here), and now the day of reckoning has arrived. You have reached the end of the educational conveyor belt, you weren’t one of the lucky ones to secure a place on a Graduate Scheme, and now you are wondering how on earth you are going to cope without a job prospect in sight. Your stress levels are building…

First piece of advice, you didn’t need to buy a hoozyu report to understand. Do something. Nothing is a deadly to your prospects of success as doing nothing. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential employer: given a choice, will you employ someone who shows they have been making good use of their time, or someone who has been sitting, waiting for something to happen. Question answers itself, really.

For a small hoozyu bonus, consider this: doing something you find meaningless may be as soul-destroying (and ultimately unimpressive to a prospective employer) as doing nothing. So: whether or not it is the career you are hoping for, find something that matches one or more of your top Areas of Interest scores.

High Musical, High Outdoors? Find a music festival to steward at. Or volunteer with a local youth work team who use music to engage young people.

High Clerical, High Social Service? Volunteer with a local homeless charity who need help in their office. Or offer your services to an international charity.

High Mechanical, High Persuasive? Ask a local vehicle service centre if you can help out in their workshop – and then make a point of greeting and engaging customers when they walk in (now there is an industry sector you could transform single-handedly).

You can think of much better examples than these, based on your own high scores. The point is, if you are going to do something to keep yourself active, engaged and – especially – adding value to other people or businesses, it had better be something that charges your batteries up, ready for the day you find that perfect opening, rather than running you down into despair.