If you have ever been to a gig, you have probably endured listening to some poor roady demonstrating their numerical skills. “Testing… testing… 1 2 3…”

But what about testing your career options? Ever thought of that?

The reality is, that even in high school (junior college, secondary school, or whatever the equivalent is in your system), and certainly in tertiary education (University, Poly, Tech etc), opportunities abound to undertake work experience and even full-blown internships.

In the same way that our number-loving roady, and his repetitive testing, makes - ultimately - for a much more enjoyable gig, so making the most of those work-experience and internship opportunities will help you find the best path for you.

So don’t waste them!

But how do you do that? Well, assuming you have some say over which opportunities to pursue, make the most of your hoozyu.

Look at your Interests, your Grid, and (only then) your Job Family and Job Title results. Of the opportunities open to you, which one(s) seem to fit best with what is in your report?

Don’t be thrown if you try something and you don’t enjoy it as much as you expected; just go back to your report and see what you can see that may help explain your less than brilliant experience.

Was it the job, or could it have been something to do with people (e.g. “I just had to sit at a desk and no one really spent any time explaining things to me”)? Or even something to do with you?

Even in the case where you are assigned a placement or internship (whether you like it or not), you can still use your hoozyu intelligently.

Ask yourself: “What might I find hard in this placement? What can I do to manage that and myself? What signs of stress might I need to look out for…?” and so on.

And never forget - identify the bits you are likely to enjoy, and work out how to maximise those, too!

At the end of the placement, ask yourself: “Why did that go so well (or otherwise)? What might I do differently next time (if there is a next time)? Or is this a job I should avoid as far as possible?!”

Put some effort into your career “sound check” and the main event is likely to go a whole lot better!