Your Persuasive score is about whether you enjoy selling. If you have a high Persuasive score you probably have an “inbuilt” understanding of how to get other people onto the same wavelength as you. Fundamentally, you probably care about selling ideas as much as things.

How this might manifest itself:

  • In any setting, you get a “buzz” from persuading someone to think again – to change their mind about an idea or about a purchase
  • If you aren’t in sales, you may well be in customer service; you will enjoy engaging with customers either by phone or face to face
  • Your choice of clubs or leisure activity may have a competitive or at least interactive edge to it – whether it is squash or politics

If your Persuasive score is low, you are more likely to just tell people what the answer is, rather than trying to win them around. You will find working in sales or a call centre or other “high-contact” persuasive setting potentially quite demotivating (but a high Social Service score can counter this somewhat).

Those with a high persuasive score may enjoy:

  • Political Activism
  • Socialising in large groups
  • Youth work


Artwork by Claire