I have awkward news for you: the point at which most of us launch out on our career (and prior to that, select our courses which held set that direction) is the point at which we are most aware of what others expect of us; and probably least aware of what matters most to us.

I have had several people in their 30s and 40s say to me recently, “I think I have changed a lot since I was 23”. Their perception is actually spot on, if you reframe it slightly. Statistically is is very unlikely that, for example, any of the data we collect with hoozyu will have changed during that period of time. What has changed is a shifting awareness, away from “this is what I expect of myself because it is what others expect of me” towards “this is who I most truly am and what matters to me”. So it is not the data that has changed, but rather the “layer” of personality they are most in touch with.

“What I expect of myself” is important, but by itself, insufficient for the building of a sustainable life. What we aim to do with hoozyu is start that shift of attention to (or at least a sharing of attention with) “what matters most to me”.

Pretty hard to build a sustainable life when you don’t know what you are looking for.