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  • Motivation makes the world go round

    I was running a workshop for CEOs here in Singapore a year ago, and someone who had just revealed that he had a very high score on the Birkman “Area of Interest” called “Outdoor” was explaining why this hadn’t surprised him at all. “I have just extended my National Service obligation,” he announced, to the astonishment of most of the other men in the room. (Who extends their NS obligation???) Being highly motivated by… well, by being outdoors, having to spend a few weeks a year being an officer on jungle manoeuvres was something to look forward in his otherwise corporate life-style.

  • hoozyu on Facebook

    hoozyu is a project that was first launched in August 2009. Exactly 2 years later, we are about to launch hoozyu as a Facebook app. This blog is for users, mentors and facilitators – anyone who wants to make best use of the hoozyu package.