Your Outdoor score reflects whether you enjoy being able to get away from your desk, not just getting out in the “Great Outdoors”. If you have a high Outdoor score, you’ll probably hate to be cooped up in an office or classroom for long periods of time, and enjoy being active and outdoors in all weathers.

Some examples of this include:

  • If you are working or studying in a large building, you probably make a point of getting outside at lunchtime – and of doing something energetic outside when the day is over
  • If you work in Sales or Marketing, you probably make a point of getting out amongst the customers rather than just speaking on the phone
  • You are more likely to join active outdoor clubs than sedentary indoor ones

If your Outdoor score is low, you may enjoy looking at nature, but you probably don’t want to get any of it on you! You’ll be glad to get back in the office after external meetings or fieldwork, and doing a lot of business travelling will probably be exhausting for you.

Those with a high outdoor score may enjoy:

  • Extreme sports
  • Camping, hiking and other outdoor pursuits
  • Gardening


Artwork by Claire