Next up is a look at your Musical score.

A lot of people who score high on Musical are initially confused by the score, because they don’t play an instrument or sing, but that’s not what your Musical score is about. Your Musical score is actually about being in control of how things sound, not only about whether you will play or listen to music; it can even be about performance of any kind in front of others.

Some examples of how this may play out in real life:

  • If you have to study or work in a noisy open plan environment, you may choose to get away to a work-place of your own choosing (some will choose a coffee shop – not because it is quiet, but because they know what that sound environment will be like)
  • If you are trying to hold a conversation in an environment where other things are going on, you may find it impossible to “zone out” the other sounds and concentrate of your own conversation
  • If your role includes public speaking and your Musical score is a lot higher than your Persuasive score, you probably approach public speaking as a performance (rather than a conversation)

If you have a low Musical score you may or may not listen to a lot of music, but you’ll find it much easier to block out surrounding noise when trying to work or concentrate. You probably wouldn’t want a job which was all about how things sounded, or where you were constantly putting on a performance.

Those with a high musical score may enjoy:

  • Attending live concerts
  • Performing or writing music
  • Building playlists on Spotify or iTunes


Artwork by Claire