There is sometimes a (quite illogical) assumption that staying highly motivated matters only if you are in a professional high-flyer career.

One only had to see the whistleblower iPhone footage of extremely UNmotivated 18 and 19-year olds slumped in chairs and not paying attention to their training as London Olympics Security Guards, in order to realise that this just isn’t so.

Every time I get great service from a young barista in a coffee shop or young shelf-stacker in a supermarket, I reflect on this. Doing something you love (and which therefore keeps you motivated) counts for a lot. That is not to say you can necessarily achieve all your life goals in an entry-level job; but you can build a more compelling personal story which will enable to work your way up when you are totally engaged with your role and the people you serve than when you are simply putting in time and hoping for something better.

The sad thing is, there are doubtless any number of young people who would have loved to do that Security Guard role; seems like noone bothered to go about finding them.