In Part 1 I showed you how to identify your ‘transferable skills’. These are skills that are highly valued by employers, regardless of what job you are doing.

Here’s some examples: digital literacy, data science skills, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, presentation skills, human (caring) skills, communication skills, learning and research skills, and so on. I encouraged you to put examples of these on your resume / CV / profile as evidence of the enterprise skills you are developing.

Here in part 2, I will show you how to explore actual jobs to see how readily ‘transferable’ your skills are.

To make this real and relevant for you, take a look right now at your top 20 hoozyu career titles:

ACTION: Log into you hoozyu account and look at your list of top 20 career titles.

Start with the ones that look interesting to you and click on the link to read some detailed information about that job. If you are currently doing a completely different job then look it up on My Next Move (see below) as well.

The links take you to a career database called My Next Move. This tells you what knowledge, skills & abilities and personality are required for this job, plus it describes what people who do this job actually do - that’s really helpful!

More Detail:

Some of the detail is for the USA market (such as salary expectations, remember this is telling you US dollars only for jobs in the US!) but it’s a good starting place to learn more. I recommend you then compare with your local job market for specific differences.

For example if one of your top career matches is Web Designers, Masters, Administrators, & Writers and you want to know more, simply google: ‘What does a Web Designer do in Singapore?’ (or wherever you are!)

I actually did this and the first page that came up told me what salary to expect (in Singapore dollars!) and then it told me what I would do on the job. What it didn’t tell me was what kind of personality is best suited for this job. My Next Move site tells you this as well.

Back to Transferable Skills:

Transferable skills are primarily in the central ‘skills’ box on My Next Move. As you look through different jobs you will see that many of these are repeated and overlap across several different jobs.

So, if you have developed/are learning some of these skills in one job, or on a particular course, you can readily use them in another. For example, if you have already got some communication, data analysis, planning and research skills from training or working as an Environmental Research Scientist you may be able to transfer quite readily to a Gallery or Museum Technician or to a Medical Administrator.

You may need to learn some new knowledge and even take a short course to help you make the move but you do have options. So don’t rule out a job that might look completely different to the one you trained for or are currently doing. If you are interested in making a move then find out more!

Other resources:

  • Make use of any career advice service you can access.

  • Google: ‘A day in the life of a (add the job you want to find out more about!)’

  • Look at the career advice/services provided by your own government some examples below:

    • Singapore: Skills Future Singapore has information on career pathways, skills and training opportunities:
    • Australia: or: the Foundation for Young Australians ( has some great material on 7 new job clusters and maps how different jobs overlap.
    • UK: National Careers Service:
    • India: For information on trends and future opportunities in India, download this white paper: Skills for Future: Jobs Technology And The Future Of Work In India, Quest Alliance 2017 from