Part 4 in our series on Areas of Interest is on Mechanical scores.

The Mechanical score is concerned with how important understanding how things work and being involved in technology, mechanical and otherwise, is to you. If your Mechanical score is high, you’ll probably enjoy working in a very “hands-on” environment and get great satisfaction from knowing how things work.

Some examples of how this might play out in real life:

  • When something stops working, you probably want to see if you can work out what has gone wrong
  • If you become a manager, you will probably like to be on the “factory floor” as often as possible, and may keep your own technical skills up to date (so that you can lend a hand if required); just make sure you do let others get on with the job and don’t try to do it all yourself!
  • If people need your help, you will be looking for practical things you can do for them (whether you will feel comfortable offering emotional support as well will depend on some other scores)

If your Mechanical score is low, you probably won’t care why something isn’t working, you’ll just want it fixed as soon as possible! You won’t enjoy answering technical questions or being in charge of maintaining equipment as much as people with high scores do.

Those with a high mechanical score may enjoy:

  • Working with tools
  • Solving mechanical problems
  • Handcrafts


Artwork by Claire